Dec 29, 2008


I have to tell you a funny (probably long) story. As most or all of you if you know me at all, know I am a tight wad. Some would say that that was an understatement, but I will go on anyway.

The two years in our new home have been a floor challenge. As you know we had issues with the floor laying but that is another subject. We now have laminate flooring on our whole main floor. And carpet on the downstairs floor and hallways, and hard wood in all the bedrooms. Ok, I have always been a Bissell fan. Looking back probably because the cost was so great, and really it was a great vacuum and I loved the tools. But... sadly to say, I have ended up buying 3, count them 3 Bissells in the last 5 years. Ok, in my mind I was thinking, well that's ok, I love new things. day, one of those vacuum sales guys came knocking. I was too nice to say no, and honestly my rugs on the main floor did need vacuuming, so I said why not. Of course as set up, I was horrified at the dirt he got out of my area rugs. And then to see what came out of my mattresses. UGH! He left me in shock. But being who I am he left with out a sale too. I immediately got online and was determine to find a good deal on that Vacuum. He quoted me something in the range of $2000. Of course before he left and had called his superior I think at least 3 times, he had said he could bring it down to, I think around $1400, but of course he wouldn't be getting any commission at that price, blah blah blah, but he just wanted sales. He had promised his fiance he would sell a certain amount of vacuums before he would come home. They were apart........How sad......but your talking to me. So I wished him luck with that, but no sale. That was over a year ago, I think about him every once in a while, I hope he made it home.... :)
Anyway, I did find online the same vacuum amazingly at at last half the cost, but then I was just disgusted with that company to find that out, so that began my real search for a "great" vacuum.

I am cheap, but I am picky. This is what I wanted:

* I wanted one that could go from rug to hard floor.
* One that would never lose suction
* One with great attachments
* One that is light weight
* Has a long cord
* Easy to clean

Oh, and I didn't want to pay to much of course.......

So, after a lot of research online, I went to a Vacuum store. I really thought I was going to put some money into a good machine this time, and not go just for the price. After a long time in the store, hearing all about different brands, but really not one solid opinion. My two youngest were running all over, knocking things down, spraying air fresheners etc... I decided that maybe I was just getting the wrong type of Vacuum, and bought a canister instead. He sold me big time on the Eureka boss, and told me that even though it was cheap I would not be disappointed. Exactly the right words for me. Thinking back, he was probably thinking, get this lady and her kids out of here! first I loved it. It has all the wonderful attachments that I had just recently discovered in that other vacuum, and the suction appeared to be wonderful. And it did transition great to the hard floors. And I loved the special attachment handle for the stairs! That went on good for about 6 months. I would lose suction, but that was usually easily remedied by taking it apart, and un clogging it. Now a year later, the bottom part just simply isn't sucking at all. In fact it blows out. With out that on, the suction still works fine, but vacuuming a 2200 square foot home, with a tube, just isn't realistic.
So, my husband has begged me now, to buy a vacuum that will last. Again I am on my search. He said to me the other day, what about one of those Dyson ones? I really didn't know much about Dyson. I remember seeing it with that funky ball and thinking it seemed really expensive and moving on. So today I finally went online to do some more research and found the Dyson Diva site. So, I want to be a Dyson Diva. I want to try it and let all of you know how it works. If it is worth the cost and if it will provide my wish list from a vacuum above. So I hope I hear from them. I will keep you all up to date! My only hold back, is now that I have seen the videos on the site, I have to decide if I want to wait to hear from them, or go buy one now.....

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