Dec 21, 2008

I have a new hobby!

Ok, I use to look at all those cute blogs out there, of women who serious post the pictures with instructions on how they have done there daughters hair, and think.....well it really wouldn't be nice to say, since now I loves these ladies!! One night I just decided that I wanted to do her hair in a way that we could wake up an go. I thought, I could try braids. I seriously and not very good at this sort of thing usually. I have never been able to figure out how to french braid. Even when I was little, my older sister would french braid my hair, she has always been good at it, even when we were both very young.
Anyway, I am now hooked! And Kjari loves it! Besides making her look like a "princess" which she loves, I have been doing her hair at night after her bath, and seriously, she has fallen asleep while I am doing it every time! She loves it.
So, I will not be posting my daily pics like all those wonderful talented women do, but I thought I would share a few. The great thing about alot of these looks is, I seriously put her to bed and in the morning just a little sprits and comb and she looks beautiful. Many times too, when I take the brades or twists out, her hair looks so pretty and full!
It is just too fun! Being the girly girl, I personally am, I really never thought I would enjoy this sort of thing as much as I do.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute.