Jan 26, 2009

It's official, we are moving again!!

Ok, I think it has been official for a while, but we have been dragging around hopeing something would change, but looks like it wont. We are moving to Seattle!! Its not the worse place in the world to live, in fact I loved it when I lived there when I was 20. That is where we met. All of Kjell's family is in the area. We have tons of old friends who are still around. There are alot of plus things about going there. The apsolute number one will be that we will be together all the time. Kjell has traveled the whole 4 years he has been with the company. I don't just mean minor travel here and there but usually a month at a time type thing and home for a few days. So we are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to be together again.

The downs are all about leaving here. We are soooo sad to leave Great Falls. We LOVE IT HERE! We are already planning on retireing somewhere around here. We love the boys school, we love our ward, we love our nieghborhood, we love all our wonderful friends we have made here.

Ok, so I have to let those wonderful and awesome things go. And I do know that we will find new friends and wonderful things in addition to what we already know about the Seattle area. But it will definatly take some time to get over the loss.

Jan 18, 2009

12 years!!

My sweet husband! I was so surprised this morning. Unlike ever before. I don't know what it is about me, but I am not easily surprised about most anything. Our 12 year anniversary is today. Not a big surprise that he is still out of town. I think this will be the third year that he has been gone on the day of our anniversary. I know some women would freak about that, but really I don't mind. We always do something when he does get home. But this time, wow. I am so surprised. This morning, at 8:30 I was finishing up some prep work for my sharing time for Primary today, and Kjell called. I was chatting and had decided a few days ago, I wasn't going to say anything. I usually do say something but this year I didn't. I really thought he forgot. We chatted a bit, and he told me they were going to an early sacrament meeting because they had to help out with the clean up after the horrible flooding they have been having in the Seattle are. So I just said, that's to bad, you'll have to do that on your special day, he totally played it off, like what do you mean... and I finally said, you forgot huh? And, yes my husband truly scares me at how well he can still tell me untruths! He did the whole, oh, I am so sorry. I can't believe I forgot. I even said to him "you are so lucky you have me for a wife." Some women would really care. We just laughed, and looking back I am so glad that I wasn't like some of those women who would have thrown a tantrum or I would have been really embarrassed. Anyway, just then my doorbell rang, and there were the Huston family. A dozen roses in hand, a pretty box from Victoria Secret, and a beautiful gift bag. My first thought was "how sweet of them." I had surprised Kathiann with just a small treat the night before for her birthday. I figured she just felt sorry for me and decided to be a Sweet friend. But then she told me that Kjell had been planning it all week with her. It answered why she had called the other day to ask me if I had any ideas for her, she wanted to go buy some new perfume and wanted ideas. She is too tricky! I seriously had no idea. So after really quizzing her to be sure she didn't just orchestrate the whole thing, I was very surprised and very happy. I LOVE the perfume! The roses are beautiful. They are called Velvet roses. Because they have little lines that make them look velvety. The other gift bag, was two boxes of Life cereal. One Cinnamon, and original. That was so sweet. He knows that they are my favorite. He also wrote me a very sweet letter, with a poem like thing on top. It was so sweet. I love him. Twelve years have gone by, I know a sweet friend told me that was cute, because she has been married much longer, but it feels like a long time. And it also feels like it just flew by. We have both grown up together really. We have both changed so much since we got married. I am so grateful that he is who I get to spend this life with and through Eternity!

I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!

Jan 16, 2009

My new hobby, enjoyment, addiction, not sure...

I made my second set of baby doll dress and dress for Kjari. This is too much fun. I seriously think I could do this everyday! But, life went on of course, as I put everything aside and played, I mean sewed this yesterday. So I will be playing catch up on the house today, after I get back from the school later with Kjellsen. Ok, so here are the pictures. I know some of you are amazing seamstresses, so just remember this is my first dress that wasn't just a basic jumper style. I love it, I messed up on the zipper so that will be my next goal to get that down. But... i did my first sleeves on this baby doll dress, and it wasn't too bad!!

Jan 15, 2009

Another fun friend!

For Christmas this year, Kjari got a stroller from Santa. This was something that, all her friends had, and usually was a sorce of contention when ever she went play at there houses. The other thing she got was this adorible barbie backpack! Her aunt got this for her for Christmas and I am pretty sure had no idea how much she would love it. This little friend who we play with often has had this princess backpack whenever she comes. Kjari could never let it go, she loved it so much, that would usually cause some problems too. So yesterday when this little girl came to play she brought her stoller and back pack, and they played the whole time, pushing there babies, all over the house. They were talking to them like they were little mommies! I couldn't resist, snapping a few pictures of the fun day!

Kjari's friends

Kjari has so much fun with all her little girlfriends. I have fun with them too of course, perfect opportunity to dig out my camera! They are all too cute to resist! The stools are very poplular when these too come over, the funny things is they all established a long time ago, who gets what stool, and it stays that way everytime! They are watching, Barbie Diamond Castle, something. It's one of my favorites too! :)

Jan 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kjellsen!!!

Our wonderful Kjellsen turned 6 on New Years Eve, we know you were all celebrateing with us, as does the whole world, he is that awesome!

I just wanted to tell Kjellsen how much we love him and what a wonderful kid he is. Kjellsen is such a wonderful big and little brother. He loves all of his siblings and would stand up for any of them, and has many times! hee hee
Kjellsen makes us laugh! Non stop! He is so funny for such a little guy, that is why we call him littleman Shooter.
Kjellsen is an artist, when he sits down and draws, amazing thoughts are communicated! I just love seeing him doing something that he enjoys!
Kjellsen we love you! Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom, Dad, Vance, Gjori, and Kjari

Little girls....

As most of you who know me know, I always wanted boys. If I could have had 12 boys, that is what I wanted. But, from the day I found out little Kjari was a girl, I thought to myself, it might be fun?! Then as wonderful caring friends and family began mailing me pink things, I thought, Oh no, I am definatly not one of those pink moms. Well... it didn't take long! Before she was a week or so old, I began LOVEING pink! I mean in all shades! I like it all. Purple too, and baby blue, all those fun cute girly colors! I just love them.
So I just wanted to post a few pictures of my adorible, wonderful, strong willed, amazing little girl. I love you Kjari!

Winter Blue's

A wonderful friend posted about what kinds of thing they do to keep the kiddies busy, when it is so cold out this time of year. Christmas is over, no more major things coming up, (yeah!). So for us too, this is a wonderful time, to just relax, but that also means keeping busy. So this was our idea today, I love making playdough, but just didn't really feel like it today, so I pulled out our huge box of coookie cutters a good freind gave us years ago. I have used these cookie cutters for a million different things, and very rairly use them for cookies!! :)

So, lately when Kjari even see's a crayon she wants me to trace her hand. Then she wants me to trace it again, and then again, then my hand, then her's again. Anyway, you get the point, so today I pulled the cutters out and let her learn to trace in them! She loved it! I was planning on letting her at it and having 10 or 15 minutes to get some things done, but I have to admit, I had fun doing it too!

So, any of my readers, who would like to post something on your blog about what you do to keep the kids happy and busy and learning, post on your blog and be sure to leave a comment here to let us know to check it out!

Jan 1, 2009

My New Vacuum

Ok, so I am sure I will never hear from Dyson, though I would still be up to it, I just simply couldn't wait! I needed a good vacuum now. So I continued my internet search and eventually ended up in Walmart. I really, wanted that Dyson.... but just simply didn't have $400 to spare. So... I bought my first hoover. It is the Hoover Mach 5. So far..... I am in love!! I love it. I had broken my decision making down to this one or a new one called the Infinity. I really like it and it looked great, but it came down to sticking to a brand I knew. And I have to admit, that the sticker on the box that read, "better then Dyson" sold me. Since it was at least half the cost. So... I brought it home. It is amazing. I have always had fairly cheap Vacuums, I just never realized sooo much why they are cheap. I emediatly opened it up and started Vacuuming! Seriously, I doubt many of you were Vacuuming your house at 7:00pm on New Years Eve... sad.. I know... Anyway, I vacuumed the area rugs on the main floor and the hallways and the family room! Oh my goodness, I could have been a vacuum sales person, gross, I can't believe I am showing you all this now, but I am! I am sold. So, now if Dyson were to want a real opinion on the earlier statement about weather or not the Hoover truly is better then the Dyson, I would still be very happy to give them a try, so for now, I will have to be a Hoover.... hmmm, nothing sounds very nice...... :) so we will see if I ever become a Dyson Diva!