Jan 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kjellsen!!!

Our wonderful Kjellsen turned 6 on New Years Eve, we know you were all celebrateing with us, as does the whole world, he is that awesome!

I just wanted to tell Kjellsen how much we love him and what a wonderful kid he is. Kjellsen is such a wonderful big and little brother. He loves all of his siblings and would stand up for any of them, and has many times! hee hee
Kjellsen makes us laugh! Non stop! He is so funny for such a little guy, that is why we call him littleman Shooter.
Kjellsen is an artist, when he sits down and draws, amazing thoughts are communicated! I just love seeing him doing something that he enjoys!
Kjellsen we love you! Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom, Dad, Vance, Gjori, and Kjari

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