Oct 28, 2009

Our new home!

I know I have taken forever on this, but I have finally gotten the photos in the computer. As some may know, I loved decorateing. I always decorate on a dime. Meaning I love to see what I can do without spending crazy amounds of money. My new favorite obsession is re doing furniture. Painting, covering whatever it takes. So fun.

The challenge in this house is, (not to mention the loss of about 900 square feet) I have brought all my decorateing with me from my house, and the colors don't go so well with this home we are renting. I don't want to go out and change everything I have since of course we don't plan on renting here forever, so I have had to really change alot of things, as simply as I could. So, here are the pics of our temporary home here in Washington!!

I finally decided to cut her hair!! She has such beautiful hair but unfortunately it is like mine, takes constant up keep to keep from not looking stringy. She was so excited and loved the thought of getting her hair done. I put a before picture so you could see how long it had gotten. I love it now the way it is!!