Jul 6, 2007

Travel Updates

The crew that Joe has been watching took the rest of the 4th of July week off, so we are going to try to enjoy this slowing down of the process. We decided to drive over to Wisconsin to meet Joe's Grandma Anne who we have never met. We left Grand Rapids yesterday. After about 3 hours, we were about and hour out of St. Paul area and Joe remembered they had a temple there. So after makeing a few phone calls and last minute changes to hotel reservations, which isn't easy the week of the fourth, we decided to stay the night here. I was able to go do initatories and a session! It was wonderful. I miss so badley having a temple close by. Joe took the kids to the Mall of America. I wasn't sad to miss out, the temple was exactly what I needed to gain peace again in the craziness of hotel living.
When we got back to the room last night, Sam could hardly walk on his feet, and we noticed they were all red and swollen and had an odd rash. He had said a few days ago, his ankle hurt, but I assumed that he twisted it in the sand at the beach, then yesterday morning he said both hurt, but by last night he could hardly walk. I called out Pediatrician who told me to give him some Motrin and ice it he didn't seem as worried as Joe and I were, and that is odd, we are usually pretty relaxed about this stuff. Joe gave him a blessing of comfort while I was out on the cell phone with Dr Garver, and by the time I got back, Sam was smilling and watching the OLD version of the Bridge to Tarabithia we had bought. So I gave him the meds and we will see what he looks like when he wakes up. I couldn't sleep much last night. I had such a wonderful experience at the temple, and then to worry about Sam. I am sure it will all be alright. I will try to keep posting how it goes!

Jul 1, 2007

Nykreim Travels!

I just thought I would journal a bit to let some of you know of the current adventures of the Nykreim Family!! We spend the weekend in Daluth MN, Our hotel looked out over Lake Superior! It was soooo beautiful!! It felt like you were at the Ocean! Both Joe and I were saying we need to find work here! I would totally love it!. I feel like I have given up on my dream to move back to Idaho, so at this point a beautiful place would be great. It was such a great town too! Lots of beautiful historical buildings!

We are back in Grand Rapids Minnisota for the week again. The boys are getting too use to this hotel, they think they run the place. They are really nice here though.

OH, the hotel we stayed at in Daluth had a huge water park! It was all Tiki themed! I will post pictures later if I can figure out how to do that on the hotel computer! We got some great ones.

I will try to post later. Any great Microwave meals pass them on! I have actually become quite the pro! Our favorite, is a Chinese meal. I use some round steak and cut it in strips, cook it for about 3 minutes, in a bit of soy sauce, then I steamed some broccoli, carrot, and snow peas and mixed them all together, seasoned with a bit of butter and soy sauce, and then I steamed some rice and we just ate it over the rice! It is sooo good! And done in about 20 minutes! I am sure we will make this at home too!

Of course we have found different wards, or sometimes branches to attend here. It is so confirming to me, everytime I walk in to a church building and the same spirit is there, as in all buidings. The Gospel is true. It is true everywhere. This has been the best thing for the kids to see. The further East we go, you can see changes in the people, maybe they run things a bit different, but the spirit doesn't change.