Jul 6, 2007

Travel Updates

The crew that Joe has been watching took the rest of the 4th of July week off, so we are going to try to enjoy this slowing down of the process. We decided to drive over to Wisconsin to meet Joe's Grandma Anne who we have never met. We left Grand Rapids yesterday. After about 3 hours, we were about and hour out of St. Paul area and Joe remembered they had a temple there. So after makeing a few phone calls and last minute changes to hotel reservations, which isn't easy the week of the fourth, we decided to stay the night here. I was able to go do initatories and a session! It was wonderful. I miss so badley having a temple close by. Joe took the kids to the Mall of America. I wasn't sad to miss out, the temple was exactly what I needed to gain peace again in the craziness of hotel living.
When we got back to the room last night, Sam could hardly walk on his feet, and we noticed they were all red and swollen and had an odd rash. He had said a few days ago, his ankle hurt, but I assumed that he twisted it in the sand at the beach, then yesterday morning he said both hurt, but by last night he could hardly walk. I called out Pediatrician who told me to give him some Motrin and ice it he didn't seem as worried as Joe and I were, and that is odd, we are usually pretty relaxed about this stuff. Joe gave him a blessing of comfort while I was out on the cell phone with Dr Garver, and by the time I got back, Sam was smilling and watching the OLD version of the Bridge to Tarabithia we had bought. So I gave him the meds and we will see what he looks like when he wakes up. I couldn't sleep much last night. I had such a wonderful experience at the temple, and then to worry about Sam. I am sure it will all be alright. I will try to keep posting how it goes!


Jojomama said...

Hey cousin! It is good to read about your life. Love and miss you! Check out my blog, too. When will I see you again? xoxo jojo

Mark and Kiss said...

Hi Crystal! How are Gjori's feet now? I hope that all is well. I got to go to the temple a couple weeks ago in Utah while Jojo watched the kids and it was wonderful too! Take care.

Nykreim Family said...

Hey, Great to hear from both of you! I checked out both of your blogs! I miss you guys! I wish we could get together soon! We need to plan it, Idaho would be a great middle for almost all of us! Love, Crystal

Slacker said...

Our kids love staying in hotels. Miki asked me the other day when we were going to go back to Montana, so that she could stay in the hotel.