Jan 28, 2008

8 things

Ok, I guess this is how I answer a tag, that was given by a friend who I really look up to and seriously doubt I can ever be as perfect! Honestly I have a complex already about not living up, but if I could be half as awesome as she is, I would be happy! I only answered a few, but anyone who would like to tag, go head! I guess that is how you do it! Hee hee

8 things that I am passionate about.
(not in order)

1. My testimony of the Savior
2. My wonderful Husband
3. My kids
4. Music
5. Friendships
6. Protecting children
7. Learning
8. My extended family

Things I want to accomplish before I die:

1. Mastering takeing care of my body!!
2. Dance again
3. See all of my children find there eternal companions and take them to the temple
4. Know each of my grandkids each individually.
5. Serve a mission with my hubby
6. Go to Hungary with my hubby
7. Have a career in Photography
8. Make a difference in protecting children in our world.

8 things that attract me to friends:

1. Good sense of humor
2. Laid back/easy going
3. Honest
4. Doesn't compete or think they we have to be just the same
5. Loves to talk about things we are both interested in.
6. Our kids get along!
7. Someone who understands life with kids happen and if you don't hear from me for a few months, knows I still love them!! :)
8. Positive!!

8 things I learned last year: ( or I would add, AM learning)

1. I don't have to be perfect
2. How to parent a young man and not a boy
3. How to parent my children for the unique people they are
4. How to nurture a long distant relationship!
5. How to make time for new friendships
6. Sharing my testimony is not a scary thing! (well not as much as I thought)
7. Everyone is here for the same reason and I can be there with open arms regardless of there choices or what is going on in my life!
8. The gospel is for everyone and you never know who is in need of it at this moment.

Ok, I can't do the rest, but if you want the whole list to do yourself email me and I will get it to you! Kids are waiting for me to tuck in and kiss goodnight! My favorite time of day of course!! :)

Sophie's hair!

Ok, does anyone remember when I wanted all boys!??!! Well, I certainly didn't know what I was missing! I am a crazy lady! Lucky for me, Sophie loves to let me do here hair, I know I am sure that will change someday, but on Sunday she actually sat and let me curl it! Oh my gosh, too cute. Of course by the time she was in Nursury for about 10 minutes, it was all flat again, poor girl has my hair!! Oh well!

The kids!

I know my camera is awful, it was dropped! It will be fixed soon, but hey they are so cute, it doesn't seem to matter! I am grateful for such a wonderful group of healthy happy kids!

Winter days in Montana!

This was our back yard last week, we have a few more inches even now. Today I had to pick the boys each up from school, it was simply too cold to walk. Our thermometer reads -5, the report says it is -12, with a wind chill factor of -25!! The wierd thing is it looks as bright at it does in these pictures! I can't seem to get use to this cold!!!! I am grateful for the brightness though! I love that! I don't miss the greyness in Portland at all!

Our little shooter!

Sometimes he simply amazes me! I am so sad that next year he will be going to kindergarden. He is so full of crazy energy, he makes me laugh and cry all in one day!! He is so good with our little girl and can't get enough of his big brothers! We all love him so much!

Cute pics

Just a few cute pics from sometime in November.
My camera dropped sometime this summer and I need to get the lense fixed. So, not perfect pics but better than nothing, right?

Sophie is a riot!

Ok, the boys and I were busy Saturday getting our normal jobs done, and somehow, poor little Sophie's nap got fortotten, and we found her here, sitting at the bottom of the step! Crashed! She is too cute!

Jan 19, 2008

Names have been changed to protect their identity.....

Ok, some of you may have noticed some changes to our site! Most important, we have changed all of our names! Its for privacy, but I will now introduce us all to you!:

Lynn, 32 I am a stay at home mom who likes to read, talk, play with my kids, and continually work on organizing. My mission, to have happy, healthy, kids, full of integrity, who will grow up to be incredible amazing people, and to have a healthy, happy husband who I will spend all of Eternity in Love with.

Joe, 32 An incredibly hard working man, who loves his children and his wife, not to mention he is really hot! hee hee!

Rodee, our 9 year old boy, who loves to read, and play basketball. He is an amazing kid and keeps us on our toes all the time.

Sam, is our 8 year old boy, he is a tender hearted sweetheart. He likes to play soccer and is such a great help around the house.

Lightning, our 5 year old son, is so busy! He is a happy, kid, sooo ready to go to Kindergarten. He loves everything super hero!

Sophie is our 18 month sweetheart. She loves to smile and laugh at her big brothers. Just them walking in the room lights her up!! We love having a girl around!

Ok, so that is us! Love, Lynn :)

It has been a while!

Ok, I have been newly inspired to write. Joe has been gone for most of January and missed our 11 year anniversary yesterday! Its ok, we will celebrate when he gets home, but I do miss him! The kids are going nuts today! We have a ton of snow on the ground, but I can't seem to encourage them to go out and play. The snow here is wierd, it is really rare when we get to a temp that allows the snow to be packing snow. So they can't really make snowmen, or have snow ball fights. Well, they managed to have a good snow "fight" yesterday but no balls. They just scooped snow and let it fly, a good part of the nieghborhood was involved, and all in our front yard. As usual it was boys againts, the one poor house full of girls next door.
Oh to be a kid again! I remember actually enjoying snowball fights, now it does nothing but annoy me if someone even thinks about throwing something at me. I need to lighten up or something! I am not good at that.
We are finishing up Saturday chores, so we can do something fun tonight. The kids were going to each invite a friend if they got it done by 2, but weren't able to do that. I think I am punishing me more then them. I will have to remember that one.
I will try to write again soon! And get my camera lense fixed so I can post some more pics!