Aug 7, 2009


Ok, there is no way I can really do justice to a real update, but I will make the very long story short. We pulled the house from the market and our now renting to a really nice couple and there two little girls. All in all it has really been a blessing finding them. So... finally I packed up the last of our things, and we left to head to be with Daddy!! YEAH!! We just got here two nights ago, we are going to look at a few homes today. It really hasn't hit me until just recently how tired I am. This last year has really draned me but we made it!!! Kjell is so happy to have us here, and even more happy that it worked out that we didn't have to sell our home, he is hopeing that means he can continue to hunt in Montana over the years!!! I am just happy we don't have to sell in this really low market.

I will try to update again soon, we already miss our wonderful friends in Montana. Kjari has already started asking to go home. It may be a while, but I dream that we may be able to do that someday. Thank you to everyone who helped us get going!! We will miss you all!!