Dec 29, 2008


I have to tell you a funny (probably long) story. As most or all of you if you know me at all, know I am a tight wad. Some would say that that was an understatement, but I will go on anyway.

The two years in our new home have been a floor challenge. As you know we had issues with the floor laying but that is another subject. We now have laminate flooring on our whole main floor. And carpet on the downstairs floor and hallways, and hard wood in all the bedrooms. Ok, I have always been a Bissell fan. Looking back probably because the cost was so great, and really it was a great vacuum and I loved the tools. But... sadly to say, I have ended up buying 3, count them 3 Bissells in the last 5 years. Ok, in my mind I was thinking, well that's ok, I love new things. day, one of those vacuum sales guys came knocking. I was too nice to say no, and honestly my rugs on the main floor did need vacuuming, so I said why not. Of course as set up, I was horrified at the dirt he got out of my area rugs. And then to see what came out of my mattresses. UGH! He left me in shock. But being who I am he left with out a sale too. I immediately got online and was determine to find a good deal on that Vacuum. He quoted me something in the range of $2000. Of course before he left and had called his superior I think at least 3 times, he had said he could bring it down to, I think around $1400, but of course he wouldn't be getting any commission at that price, blah blah blah, but he just wanted sales. He had promised his fiance he would sell a certain amount of vacuums before he would come home. They were apart........How sad......but your talking to me. So I wished him luck with that, but no sale. That was over a year ago, I think about him every once in a while, I hope he made it home.... :)
Anyway, I did find online the same vacuum amazingly at at last half the cost, but then I was just disgusted with that company to find that out, so that began my real search for a "great" vacuum.

I am cheap, but I am picky. This is what I wanted:

* I wanted one that could go from rug to hard floor.
* One that would never lose suction
* One with great attachments
* One that is light weight
* Has a long cord
* Easy to clean

Oh, and I didn't want to pay to much of course.......

So, after a lot of research online, I went to a Vacuum store. I really thought I was going to put some money into a good machine this time, and not go just for the price. After a long time in the store, hearing all about different brands, but really not one solid opinion. My two youngest were running all over, knocking things down, spraying air fresheners etc... I decided that maybe I was just getting the wrong type of Vacuum, and bought a canister instead. He sold me big time on the Eureka boss, and told me that even though it was cheap I would not be disappointed. Exactly the right words for me. Thinking back, he was probably thinking, get this lady and her kids out of here! first I loved it. It has all the wonderful attachments that I had just recently discovered in that other vacuum, and the suction appeared to be wonderful. And it did transition great to the hard floors. And I loved the special attachment handle for the stairs! That went on good for about 6 months. I would lose suction, but that was usually easily remedied by taking it apart, and un clogging it. Now a year later, the bottom part just simply isn't sucking at all. In fact it blows out. With out that on, the suction still works fine, but vacuuming a 2200 square foot home, with a tube, just isn't realistic.
So, my husband has begged me now, to buy a vacuum that will last. Again I am on my search. He said to me the other day, what about one of those Dyson ones? I really didn't know much about Dyson. I remember seeing it with that funky ball and thinking it seemed really expensive and moving on. So today I finally went online to do some more research and found the Dyson Diva site. So, I want to be a Dyson Diva. I want to try it and let all of you know how it works. If it is worth the cost and if it will provide my wish list from a vacuum above. So I hope I hear from them. I will keep you all up to date! My only hold back, is now that I have seen the videos on the site, I have to decide if I want to wait to hear from them, or go buy one now.....

Dec 24, 2008

Merry Chirstmas Eve!!!

Kjell made it home safely yesterday just in time, for me to run out to a wonderful baptism of a new member of out ward. It was such a great reminder of why we are hear and what this life is all for. I saw Christmas different last night. As I get older (ugh) I feel like every year that "true meaning of Christmas" becomes so much more clear. Or maybe just different. I think as a child you know we are celebrating something very important. I know I was always taught that it was so much more then Santa Clause, Christmas tree's and presents. I have always known that. But last night. Having the opportunity to see what the true purpose of His birth was for, was such a wonderful, experience. To see another daughter of God, receive through the power of the Priesthood the blessings of baptism. That same power of the Priesthood that was restored on this earth and given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, through John the Baptist, and Peter, James, and John, who had directly received that power and that authority through Jesus Christ Himself. To receive the blessings that come with that, and to begin a new life, was exactly what the season is for. That is the reason that our Heavenly Father sent his son Jesus Christ to be born hear. To live a life that we can follow and learn from, to be baptized. I am so grateful for Him. I am grateful for his gift of the atonement. That He died for us and that He rose again. As imperfect as I am, I need Him. I need that Gift, and so does everyone. No other gift matters.

Dec 23, 2008

Thoughts for today.

Yeah!! Daddy is coming home today!! We are all so excited. Its like Christmas break and vacation won't really even start until he gets here. That might be party because I have been a drill sargent trying to get everyone to help get the house in order, so we can ALL relax and enjoy our Christmas time with Daddy!
The weather has made it a long drive for him, he stayed in Spokane last night, and is going over the Idaho passes right now. He says it is pretty bad.
I am off, to make some more treats! I swear the first of the year.......................

Dec 21, 2008

I have a new hobby!

Ok, I use to look at all those cute blogs out there, of women who serious post the pictures with instructions on how they have done there daughters hair, and think.....well it really wouldn't be nice to say, since now I loves these ladies!! One night I just decided that I wanted to do her hair in a way that we could wake up an go. I thought, I could try braids. I seriously and not very good at this sort of thing usually. I have never been able to figure out how to french braid. Even when I was little, my older sister would french braid my hair, she has always been good at it, even when we were both very young.
Anyway, I am now hooked! And Kjari loves it! Besides making her look like a "princess" which she loves, I have been doing her hair at night after her bath, and seriously, she has fallen asleep while I am doing it every time! She loves it.
So, I will not be posting my daily pics like all those wonderful talented women do, but I thought I would share a few. The great thing about alot of these looks is, I seriously put her to bed and in the morning just a little sprits and comb and she looks beautiful. Many times too, when I take the brades or twists out, her hair looks so pretty and full!
It is just too fun! Being the girly girl, I personally am, I really never thought I would enjoy this sort of thing as much as I do.

Dec 16, 2008

Easy Peasy!!

A friend has ask me a few times now to post my new found favorite, easy recipes and a few other new ones I threw together for the bake sale. I LOVE LOVE LOVE things that do not require, crazy exotic ingredients, major amounts of waiting and sitting, and rising. I love things that I can throw together in a few minutes, and look and taste like I slaved over it with a perfect candy thermometer until it hits that just right ball (whatever the heck that is) stage. I simply don't have the desire or time. But... I love sweets, especially around this time of year, and I LOVE to make them to give away to friends. Personally I love to explore wonderful yummy healthy options too, but not to easy to find in this catagory!!
Here is my first favorite.
I am going to call this one:
EASY PEASY Peanut butter pleasy, (ok whatever!)
I found this recipe for the peanut butter fudge, and I added the chocolate, to make it peanut butter chocolate heaven! I am really not a peanut butter fudge fan and all! It is my least favorite of all holiday treats. But this..... I LOVE.
You simply take, two cubes of butter (a cup), and a cup of peanut butter and put it in a microwave safe bowl. Then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Take it out, and stir it until the butter and peanut butter blend and are creamy smooth. Return to the microwave for an additional 3 minutes, It does boil, so make sure your bowl is big enough to take that. When you get it out, (it will be hot!) add a teaspoon of vanilla, it kind of bubbles it all, just stir it in. Then pour it into a bowl of a half bag of powdered sugar and stir. It will get thick pretty fast, so just keep stirring with a wooden spoon until it blends. Then you pour it into a 8X8 pan that you have lined with wax paper that you greased with butter. I take another piece of wax paper and lay it across the top and push it all down so that it fills the pan evenly. Then I pour chocolate chips on top, and let is sit for a few seconds, it should still be pretty hot, and then spread out on top. Put the whole thing in the fridge to cool. Then just pop it out of the pan and cut! Sooooo good!

Saltine Toffee

This is a classic recipe I am sure everyone has there own version of, but I just made it for the first time and fell in love. It took 15 minutes tops!

You melt in a pan two cubes of butter and one cup brown sugar, ( I think I might try two cups brown sugar next time). You lay out in a jelly roll pan......

(I just learned the other day that someone didn't know what a jelly roll sheet was. I guess growing up in Mormon home with big eaters, I might not of known those little pans that others know as cookie sheets actually existed! So anyway, in case you didn't know, to me it is just the larger Cookie sheet!) lay out a sheet of foil on a your pan and butter it. Then you lay out 40 saltine crackers, (sounds funny, but so yummy!). When your sugar and butter get boil and get frothy, (see no dumb "ball" stage stuff" this should take about 3 minutes, then you pour that over your crackers and completely cover. You then put it in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes.
As soon as you take it out, pour a whole bag of chocolate chips on top, and let melt and then spread out. Cool in the fridge to harden. Then just break and enjoy!
From what I hear, if you are not going to eat them right away, store in a a zip lock bag in the fridge or they will lose there crunch! Enjoy!!

Baskets For Bake Sale

These are the baskets I threw together the night before the bake sale. I love this idea, of putting together something that is homemade and thought out, but won't break the budget. I made each of these basket including the basket themselves and grass, and covers etc... (not including the treats) for $5 to $6 a piece. We sold most of them for $15 to $20!! The mugs I put together for $1.75, and sold them for $5.
I love this sort of thing, and I love receiving this sort of thing too! I hope those who bought them enjoyed them.

Salty and Sweet

Ok, these I found on a bake sale site, and loved the idea that you could make so many in such a short time. They tasted wonderful so I made my own variations.

There recipe said to take pretzels and line them on a cookie sheet, add a Hershey kiss to the top of each one, (i was making so many and being the cheap skate I am, I bought the huge Hershey candy bars, they have for a dollar and broke them in to little squares, worked great).

You put them like this in the oven at around 400 for 4 minutes. When you take them off you immediately put a peanut m&m on top of each one. SOOOO yummy, salty and sweet!

The variations I did, was to use mint m&m. I also used mint patties and but they melted and didn't look as pretty, but tasted wonderful. I would do them again, just not for the sale.

Ok, the other one I found I loved too. They were called "poor man turtles"

You lay your pretzels out, and put Rollo's on each one. (I used dollar store Carmel chocolate bells) You bake them the same and push one pecan on top when they come out, they ooze out, but cool nicely. OH these were so good, better then turtles!!

Marshmallow Treats

These I found online somewhere, wish I could remember. But they really are cute, and surprisingly taste really good.

You simply melt what ever chips you want, I did chocolate here, and then put a pretzel stick into a large marshmallow and dip, then roll in your favorite topping. I did toffee bits!

I was thinking you could do, chocolate, and mini m&m's, you could do butter scotch chips with coconut flakes? not sure on that one, how about chocolate chips and candy sprinkles. White chocolate chips and candy sprinkles.

The ideas are endless, but it is late, and my creative mind already went to sleep!!

Dec 15, 2008

Montana is cold!!

Now when I grew up in Idaho, we had much longer winters then they do now, but nothing, and I mean nothing can compare to the cold we feel here in Montana! (Ok maybe Alaska or whatever, but for me, it is Montana)

It has been so cold, I mean freezing here this weekend. Church was cancelled Sunday, because of the weather. The high yesterday was -12. Ok, and since we are one of the windiest cities in the nation, the wind chill factor added on that, they say, makes it feel like -45!!

It is truly insane. It got alot colder too, remember that was the high for the day!!!

This morning, I was sure school would be cancelled, frost bite sets in in this weather within 10 minutes!! But no, no cancellation! My car would not start, (I forgot to plug it in last night, too cold to go out, and kept putting it off) So a sweet nieghbor had to give the boys a ride to school. My plan was to get the last few things I need to mail out to the post office today, to make it by Christmas, so I hope my car decides to start soon!

Saturday, when it wasn't as cold, (closer to -7 hee hee) they big boys bundled up with a grand plan to make a slideing area off the deck by building up snow. Well, it only lasted about 6 minutes until it was just too cold! They each took turns once in a while running out and jumping on the trampoline for a few seconds (with out coats mind you) and running back in! Can you tell who these boys are related too?????

Anyway, it has been a cold and long weekend, and it doesn't show much signs of warming up!

But guess what...... I STILL LOVE MONTANA!!!! :)

Dec 13, 2008

Here are each of the boys at the Christmas program duing the bake sale. Vance couldn't be in more pain I think! He hates this sort of thing! I loved watching them all!

Vance Scout play

Vance was in Christmas play with his webelo troup at pack meeting this week. He was an angel. They did a really good job.

Need my links back!

Ok, while making my blog cute for the season, I somehow deleted all of my links! AUGH, so if I know you and you want me to see your blog, since that is how I check up on everyone else, could you please send me your link again!! Oops!

Dec 12, 2008

Dec 11, 2008


Twas the month before Christmas**When all through our land,**Not a Christian was praying**Nor taking a stand.**Why the PC Police had taken away,**The reason for Christmas - no one could say.**The children were told by their schools not to sing,**About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.**It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say** December 25th is just a 'Holiday'.**Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit**Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!**CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod**Something was changing, something quite odd! **Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa**In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.**As Targets were hanging their trees upside down** At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.**At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears**You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.**Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty**Are words that were used to intimidate me.**Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen**On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton!**At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter**To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.**And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith** Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace**The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded**The reason for the season, stopped before it started.**So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'**Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.**Choose your words carefully, choose what you say**Shout MERRY CHRISTMAS , not Happ y Holiday!*Please, all join together and wish everyone you meet during the holidays a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Christ is 'The Reason' for the
Christmas Season!

Its all over!!! YEAH!

The bake sale is over!! Yeah, it was a wonderful success. I was nervous having a smaller committee this year but we have a great school, and such wonderful supportive families, tons of people brought things whom I hadn't even been contacted!

It was alot of work. A lot of work. was really worth it, we raised
du du du dum......(ok, suppose to be a drum roll, but I am tired being up till 3:30 baking and working the sale all day, cut me some slack!!)
Just under...

I am very happy with the success of it all, and so ready to crash in bed!! If I didn't have to go back to the school tomorrow I would just keep them all home and sleep in. But.... on to another day!

Dec 10, 2008

Questoins for kids! Tag your it if you read this!

Interview one of your children, asking them the following 20 questions.
I thought this was fun so I am going to all three boys:

Here is Kjellsen who will be six in a few weeks:

What is something that Dad always says to you? "I love you"

What makes Dad happy? "playing and hunting with him"

What makes Dad sad? "when I hurt him."

How does your Dad make you laugh? "doing jokes"

What was your Dad like as a child? "he liked going with his dad hunting"

How old is your Dad? "I don't know"

How tall is your Dad? "ten inches"

What is his favorite thing to do with you? "go hunting"
What does your Dad do when you're not around? "has to go on trips with out us"

If your Dad becomes famous what would it be for? "for doing a job and being so good"

What is your Dad really good at? "hunting"

What is your Dad not very good at? "nothing"

What does your Dad do for his job? "fixes the roofs"

What is Dad's favorite food? “deer"

What makes you proud of Dad? "because he plays with me"

If your Dad was a cartoon character who would he be? "superman"

What do you and your Dad do together? "go to the storage unit, and hunting"

How are you and your Dad the same? "we have the same skin"

How are you and your Dad different? "cause he is big and I am little"

How do you know your Dad loves you? "cause moms and dads love there sons"

Here is Vance who is ten and a half:

What is something that Dad always says to you? “love you pumpkin"

What makes Dad happy? “getting a deer when hunting"

What makes Dad sad? "I never see him cry"

How does your Dad make you laugh? “he tickles me"

What was your Dad like as a child? “crazy"

How old is your Dad? “33"

How tall is your Dad? “6 foot 5"

What is his favorite thing to do with you? “going on trips with me"
What does your Dad do when you're not around? “"

If your Dad becomes famous what would it be for? “nothing”

What is your Dad really good at? “roofing"

What is your Dad not very good at? “video games"

What does your Dad do for his job? “sit on roofs"

What is Dad's favorite food? “mexican"

What makes you proud of Dad? “That he is strong”

If your Dad was a cartoon character who would he be? “a loony toon”

What do you and your Dad do together? “hunt”

How are you and your Dad the same? “we're both tall”

How are you and your Dad different? “He has a gun and I don't”

How do you know your Dad loves you? “he says pumpkin alot”
(as you can see Vance is a jokster)

Here is Gjori who is 9:

What is something that Dad always says to you? “I love you”

What makes Dad happy? “having time with us"

What makes Dad sad? “When he has to go away”

How does your Dad make you laugh? “jokes”

What was your Dad like as a child? “nice”

How old is your Dad? “33”

How tall is your Dad? “seven foot, maybe eight”

What is his favorite thing to do with you? “hunting"
What does your Dad do when you're not around? “do work”

If your Dad becomes famous what would it be for? “helping sick people”

What is your Dad really good at? “listening to jokes”

What is your Dad not very good at? “stoping doing paper work”

What does your Dad do for his job? “roof inspector”

What is Dad's favorite food? “I would guess turkey, no, no deer"”

What makes you proud of Dad? “having fun with me, playing games, lots of things”

If your Dad was a cartoon character who would he be? “whoever the top star is”

What do you and your Dad do together? “have fun”

How are you and your Dad the same? “both nice”

How are you and your Dad different? “different height"

How do you know your Dad loves you? “I don't know”

Dec 6, 2008

My Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! You are an amazing women. I know it is normal to be able to see more and more how much we appreciate our parents as we get older, but you truly are amazing. You are a women that I admire. I hope you know that and how much you are loved. I wish I could have been there for your birthday! I miss you like crazy.
I love you mom!

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to Beverly and Kermit (Kjell's mom and dad)! Hope you had a wonderful time to enjoy the day and reflect on the many years and memories you have experienced together! We love you both!


The wedding and my beautiful cast!

Ok, I had a few people curious to see me in all my glory in the beautiful cast I got to wear to Heather's wedding!!! Yuck! It was a such a fun week, but just bummed by the one problem! I broke it leaving the bachlorette party! And yes I was sober!! At least I got a cast in the wedding colors!!!


Ok, these are apsolutly horrible pictures. My battery charger is still coming in the mail to my camera, so these were taken from Kjell's cell phone. But as you can see it is done!!! Ok, we still have trim to do all around, but after having ply wood and hard lanolium for the last two years in the dineing room, I am so happy! We have had to wood in the living room the whole time, but I added pics so those who wanted to see and haven't been here could see how the two rooms flow together.

We just painted in the dineing room, so no pics hanging yet and sorry we have the undecorated tree up, but anyway! I am so happy Kjell got this done before he has to leave tomorrow! :(

We will miss haveing him home, he was home for two weeks and that is the longest he has been home in one stretch for a long time. Thank you honey for finishing the floor!! I love you!


Oh, my goodness, I never really thought the day would come! As some of you know, our floor has been the biggest headache of this house! The addition that the previous owners made to extend the dining room out, and add a breakfast room, was sinking. This is a pretty common problem in our neighbor hood of course, but ours was bad. When we bought the house, we tore out all the carpet on the main floor and prepared to have laminate wood floors installed. The did that right away, but the guy who was laying it, when he was half way thru, said the slope was too great and he couldn't finish it! So we then proceded to look into haveing that back end of the house jacked up! Well after getting bids anywhere from $5000 (that guy left town) and up to $30,000. We just simply didn't have that extra cash around. So we have just been waiting. Now I am sure if Kjell had actually been home for more then a few days at a time in the last two years, this would have been done a long time ago. But, now with the chance of haveing to move to Seattle, we have been for forced to get on it. We finally decided to just lay the floor and hope for the best, and I am happy and sad (only because we could have had this for the last two years) but it is laying beautifully. I love it! Kjell and I have worked together on it, and it has really been pretty fun. So, we took some pictures of what the kids and I drew, little messages to the future about our family on the ply wood floor (the plywood floor that I have been sweeping and mopping for the last two years!) The boys have helped finish things up today alot. It has really been a fun project and I am so relieved for it to look like a normal house, not only that I think it is beautiful. I will post some pictures when it is totally complete and cleaned up. I can't wait!!!!

Tag: fourth and fourth

A freind tagged me on this, so I tag you if you are reading this and leave me a comment so I can check yours out!

Directions: Post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on your computer.

Unfoturnaly I am on Kjell's computer so this isn't a great picture, it is a work picture of someone's sad roof!

Dec 4, 2008

Random Thoughts about the kids....

We always talk about writing down funny things that the kids said when they were little. I am going to write what I can remember now, before it is to late.

Vance: at about 2, "Boo Ti Ti" for peek a boo, everytime!!

Gjori: "Fire burned da birdie" (He was about 2, we have no idea why, but he said it often.)

We always called Vance, Vancie Pants, and Gjori, Gjori buggy.

Kjellsen has always been called shooter! No idea why, but it stuck from when he was just a little baby. Sometimes it is Shooter Magavin!

When Kjellsen wanted to go to McDonalds. He always said, "lets go to SayUncles" or "SuDoncles" No idea why.

Kjari for some reason started out saying flowers as "Fockers". No matter how clear we would say it for her, she would always later say, "look pretty Fockers!" She did that for about 3 months, and just now says it pretty clear.

The other day, I was having a really rough day, and I was crying. Kjell had just left to get some things for our painting job, this is what happened.
Kjari: Are you sad mommy?

Me: yes

Kjari: Do you miss your Daddy?......... He'll come home soon.

I loved it. I gave her a big hug, and texted my dad! I do miss my Daddy many times.

My boys on Sunday, were so upset and I couldn't figure out why. The young man who blessed the sacrament had made an error, and had to repeat it. I looked over at my two oldest boys and they were in deep discussion and seemed really mad. Later I ask Gjori what was going on and he ask me why he had to repeat it. I told him that it was a very important prayer and it was taught by Jesus Christ and its important we do it His way. He was so flustered and upset, he kept saying that is wrong, that is wrong. (Remember this is my sweet Gjori, everything is very literal to him!) He looked at me, and told me:

"Mom Jesus does not expect perfection from us. He understands when we make mistakes. That just isn't right." I told Kjell he was going to have to have a discussion with him on it, because at that moment there was no talking to him.

I ask Kjell this morning if he talked to them yet, and he said yes. He said he talked to them for about 3 or 4 minutes, and they were totally like, ok, yeah that makes sense. Go figure!!

Anyway, I am off to get some work done today!

Dec 2, 2008

Holiday Bake Sale

Ok, calling all bakers!! I am chair this year of our PTA Holiday Bake Sale. I have worked it the last two years but have never been in charge! I am trying to be creative and think of ways to make it even better. I for one will also have to do alot of baking over the next week since the committee I got this year is about half of what we had last year.

So what I am wanting to know is if anyone has any easy recipes that i can make large quantities of, or if anyone has had any great successes with something else in a bake sale!

I can't wait to hear your ideas!


Snowy day!

So we finally woke up to snow! For here, that is really late!

I am so proud of myself, small accomplishment, but I got the boys to school on time this morning, happy and feed! YEAH! One did get away with a serious need for finger nail clipping, but I have to look at the positive! hee hee

Kjari said the funniest thing last night, she ask me is we could watch the "scary Jesus" movie. It took me a minute, then I remembered we had been watching the Testaments on Sunday. I put it in for her, and she loved it up until the part where Jesus begins to be taken away, and she said, "shut if off, this is scary."

Then she wanted me to re start it again. She is too funny!

I am still suffering with this sore throat, I know, I know I need to get in to be seen. I just need to find some time, or make it I guess.

Well, I am off to begin a new day! Yeah for snow!

Dec 1, 2008

Thoughts for today....

I am going to to try to remember this. I have always gotten for some reason that we were never promised an easy life. Sadly when I hear that, the first memory that comes to mind is my dad walking out of the bathroom and every time singing, "I beg your pardon.....I never pormised you a rose garden!" But I will try to stay on task to my thought!

I guess I have been so blessed that I really don't struggle with focusing on the difficult parts of life, but of course there are times when that is neccesary. Maybe it is because of Thanksgiving, but I am full of gratitude today for all the things I have been so blessed with. I wonder, what do I have to complain of. I won't go there, but for now I would love to share as many have all over the blog world, what I am most thankful for.

My testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. With out this knowlege, I know life would be much more of a struggle.

For a Heavenly Father that loves us so much, he never leaves us alone. He has given a a modern day propeht to lead us in the crazy easily distracted world.

I am grateful to live in a country that we can live free, and we can learn from others mistakes and out own.

I am sooooo grateful for my sweet husband. I truly don't know if any other man could put up with me, and he does it with a smile, a gorgous one at that. :)

I am grateful for my son Vance. He is amazing. He is always teaching me. I love that he is an intellegent thinker, and he truly has a desire for truth always. He is my right hand when daddy is gone, and I am so grateful for that.

I am thankful for Gjori. He is so full of joy. He always keeps me in check with my own truth. He is so literally I have to be. He is so tender with his little sister, that it reminds me of what kind of love I want to show all of them.

I am grateful for Kjellsen! He is such a trooper. He is always making me re evaluate my parenting, he reminds me that kindness is always the best way. He is always ready for a snuggle time and there is no greater stress reliever then that!

I am thankful for Kjari! She of course helps me be not so out numbered by all of these wonderful men. We call her our little ball of sunshine! She truly is that. Just looking at her makes you smile. She makes me want to be a better mom and person.

I am thankful for a healthy body and mind. I am thankful that my kids are healthy, and strong.

I am grateful for friends. Our families away from family. We are so blessed.

I am grateful to work in Primary again, and remember how much love our Heavenly Father has for each and every individual human on this earth. I am grateful that He gives us opportunities ot feel that love for each of his children in our care.

I am grateful for extended family. For forgiveness, for tollorence, for patience, for unconditional love.

Ok, I could go on forever, which I plan to do. But of course, laundry awaits and a two year old who is not opening here tenth bandage and asking me to put it on her "Owey". So life goes on...I love it, i truly do.