Dec 16, 2008

Salty and Sweet

Ok, these I found on a bake sale site, and loved the idea that you could make so many in such a short time. They tasted wonderful so I made my own variations.

There recipe said to take pretzels and line them on a cookie sheet, add a Hershey kiss to the top of each one, (i was making so many and being the cheap skate I am, I bought the huge Hershey candy bars, they have for a dollar and broke them in to little squares, worked great).

You put them like this in the oven at around 400 for 4 minutes. When you take them off you immediately put a peanut m&m on top of each one. SOOOO yummy, salty and sweet!

The variations I did, was to use mint m&m. I also used mint patties and but they melted and didn't look as pretty, but tasted wonderful. I would do them again, just not for the sale.

Ok, the other one I found I loved too. They were called "poor man turtles"

You lay your pretzels out, and put Rollo's on each one. (I used dollar store Carmel chocolate bells) You bake them the same and push one pecan on top when they come out, they ooze out, but cool nicely. OH these were so good, better then turtles!!

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