Dec 6, 2008


Oh, my goodness, I never really thought the day would come! As some of you know, our floor has been the biggest headache of this house! The addition that the previous owners made to extend the dining room out, and add a breakfast room, was sinking. This is a pretty common problem in our neighbor hood of course, but ours was bad. When we bought the house, we tore out all the carpet on the main floor and prepared to have laminate wood floors installed. The did that right away, but the guy who was laying it, when he was half way thru, said the slope was too great and he couldn't finish it! So we then proceded to look into haveing that back end of the house jacked up! Well after getting bids anywhere from $5000 (that guy left town) and up to $30,000. We just simply didn't have that extra cash around. So we have just been waiting. Now I am sure if Kjell had actually been home for more then a few days at a time in the last two years, this would have been done a long time ago. But, now with the chance of haveing to move to Seattle, we have been for forced to get on it. We finally decided to just lay the floor and hope for the best, and I am happy and sad (only because we could have had this for the last two years) but it is laying beautifully. I love it! Kjell and I have worked together on it, and it has really been pretty fun. So, we took some pictures of what the kids and I drew, little messages to the future about our family on the ply wood floor (the plywood floor that I have been sweeping and mopping for the last two years!) The boys have helped finish things up today alot. It has really been a fun project and I am so relieved for it to look like a normal house, not only that I think it is beautiful. I will post some pictures when it is totally complete and cleaned up. I can't wait!!!!

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