Dec 11, 2008

Its all over!!! YEAH!

The bake sale is over!! Yeah, it was a wonderful success. I was nervous having a smaller committee this year but we have a great school, and such wonderful supportive families, tons of people brought things whom I hadn't even been contacted!

It was alot of work. A lot of work. was really worth it, we raised
du du du dum......(ok, suppose to be a drum roll, but I am tired being up till 3:30 baking and working the sale all day, cut me some slack!!)
Just under...

I am very happy with the success of it all, and so ready to crash in bed!! If I didn't have to go back to the school tomorrow I would just keep them all home and sleep in. But.... on to another day!

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MomladyHeather said...

Heavens! were you a one person bake sale? Why were you up so late?? As a sister shaker and mover I highly suggest you conserve your energy for your family! Require others to do their part so one person isn't working so hard!! I love YOU!!!