Dec 6, 2008


Ok, these are apsolutly horrible pictures. My battery charger is still coming in the mail to my camera, so these were taken from Kjell's cell phone. But as you can see it is done!!! Ok, we still have trim to do all around, but after having ply wood and hard lanolium for the last two years in the dineing room, I am so happy! We have had to wood in the living room the whole time, but I added pics so those who wanted to see and haven't been here could see how the two rooms flow together.

We just painted in the dineing room, so no pics hanging yet and sorry we have the undecorated tree up, but anyway! I am so happy Kjell got this done before he has to leave tomorrow! :(

We will miss haveing him home, he was home for two weeks and that is the longest he has been home in one stretch for a long time. Thank you honey for finishing the floor!! I love you!

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