Jun 11, 2008

More pics

Here is some of those wonderful men! And, some of those future amazing men!


We had such a good time seeing all our family and friends at Grandma's 60th birthday party!

More friends....

These are some really great friends from the Seattle area that we wish we could see more often. Isn't there little guy so sweet! We miss you guys!

A few more pictures from our park night!

A night at the Park

It is hard to imagine but about a week ago, the kids and I packed up all the bikes, brought our dinner to the park and had an incredible night. We had our pic nick, then we went off on our bikes. We first went to the skate park and the boys rode there bikes on all the cool hills. It was so great to see. My boys are surprisingly cautious when it comes to these things. (So fortunate that they got that from me, and didn't follow in there Fathers no fear footsteps!) But also on the other hand I want them to get out there and try things I would have been afraid to try. Anyway, Rodee especially stayed there forever. He tried one hill at a time. He slowly built up to more and more! It was so cool. I could see the confidence growing in his face. It was amazing. I loved it. It did make me nervous when I saw a kid who told me all about how he broke his arm, learning how, and his mom just now let him come back!! But I shook it off! They are kids. I need to let them have fun. In our world I think this is as safe as it gets! Speaking of that though, I feel a rant coming on... hee hee.. bear with me... but this poor kid had just turned 10 himself. No parent in site. In fact in the whole skate park, there were probly 30 kids and I was the only adult, besides I guess the few maybe 18 year old kids skating around. I really felt sad for most of these kids. On one had I was amazed, I loved the true talent I was witnessing in some of these kids. It was amazing, but I also just couldn't help but worry about the danger of them being there. Not the skating. Broken bones heal. But the danger of just so much time alone. So much time without guidance and love. Many of them seemed really attached to older skaters. I can only pray that they are adopted big brothers that will help them, but something tells me that probly isn't the case. Anyway, just sad. I love boys. I know that is why I have three. I just feel so passionate about all these lost young men in our world. If someone doesn't help them, guide them, direct them in a good path. Help them see how talented and wonderful they could be then we just have a bunch more loser sperm donors that neglect there girlfriends and could be families. We so need good, righteous men in our world, and I believe there are so many out there that could be with the right guidance.
Ok, I digress. We left the skate park eventually and then rode the trail for almost a mile!! Poor Lighting was on his big wheel the whole time! The little trooper never complained! (We have since gotten him his own bike that he is so excited about!)
After we rode the bikes the mile back, we parked them and played at the park for a while. Then we played soccer until it got dark. We didn't leave the park until 10:30!! It was such a fun night. The only thing missing was daddy!


Congratulations to a sweet girl who was one of our Young Women. It was strange seeing one of our young girls get married. I mean I was only in YW's for 2 and half years, I think, but just thinking about any of them being old enough to get married really makes me feel older. We had such wonderful girls. This one in particular. (Just not nameing names in case she doesn't want me to!) She impressed me so much with her kindness and wonderful example she was to all of our younger girls. We wish the two of you so much happiness!

Happy Birthday Rodee!!

These are a little late, but I wanted to let Rodee know how much we love him and how happy we are that he is in our family! He is truly an amazing kid. He teaches me things everyday. I hope that is 10th birthday was all he wished for. We had a great time with water balloons and other games that really didn't compare to attacking each other with water balloon. It was a new day for me, when I planned all these fun party games, and guess what 10 year olds, only wanted to run around and get each other with the balloons. They had a great time.
Happy Birthday Rodee!!!

Visit from Friends

Our long time friends came to visit up a few weeks ago, they have three boys and a girl just like us. We met them back with our oldest boys were just a few months old. Sophie loved playing with their sweet little girl. She is such a little mommy already. It was so fun to have them over. The boys had such a great reunion and we had fun staying up late and playing card games all night. I tell you, we really are fun to come visit! SO COME!!! Hee hee!

Snow in June!!!!!

Ok, now I know for that being here for 3 years should mean that I am use to this crazy unpredictable weather, but lets get real!!! Snow in June!!! It is June 11th for pete's sake!!
I just couldn't believe we were setting the pool up last week, and we wake up to this! Snow, and not just a little snow!
I have pictures but I don't want to make that the theme of my blog! Though I think that is what it has become!
Daddy comes home this Saturday!!!! Yeah, two weeks a head of schedule!! We are going to be home for the following two weeks. Vance is attending a Science camp the first week, and then the boys have scout camp the next and then we will be off. He is going to be working in San Francisco for the month of July. We are so excited. We spent almost 8 weeks last summer in hotels traveling all over with him, and if I remember right when I came home I was so done with Hotel rooms, but now we are all soooooo looking forward to it! We miss daddy so much that is part of it. The Hotel we will be staying at has an outdoor pool too, so in this cold that sounds so nice. I plan on hanging out in the hot sun all day with the kids at the pool! The tan will help get ready for the wedding I am in, in Idaho the first week in August. That week is going to be crazy. I am in desperate need for babysitters for 3 nights in a row because of wedding things. So anyone in Idaho that can recomend anyone......:)
Anyway, I am going on major diet mode, to lose as much as I can before the wedding too! Its hard with kids, but I am pretty determined!
Anyway, better run!