Jun 11, 2008

Snow in June!!!!!

Ok, now I know for that being here for 3 years should mean that I am use to this crazy unpredictable weather, but lets get real!!! Snow in June!!! It is June 11th for pete's sake!!
I just couldn't believe we were setting the pool up last week, and we wake up to this! Snow, and not just a little snow!
I have pictures but I don't want to make that the theme of my blog! Though I think that is what it has become!
Daddy comes home this Saturday!!!! Yeah, two weeks a head of schedule!! We are going to be home for the following two weeks. Vance is attending a Science camp the first week, and then the boys have scout camp the next and then we will be off. He is going to be working in San Francisco for the month of July. We are so excited. We spent almost 8 weeks last summer in hotels traveling all over with him, and if I remember right when I came home I was so done with Hotel rooms, but now we are all soooooo looking forward to it! We miss daddy so much that is part of it. The Hotel we will be staying at has an outdoor pool too, so in this cold that sounds so nice. I plan on hanging out in the hot sun all day with the kids at the pool! The tan will help get ready for the wedding I am in, in Idaho the first week in August. That week is going to be crazy. I am in desperate need for babysitters for 3 nights in a row because of wedding things. So anyone in Idaho that can recomend anyone......:)
Anyway, I am going on major diet mode, to lose as much as I can before the wedding too! Its hard with kids, but I am pretty determined!
Anyway, better run!

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