Jul 31, 2005

Fun Day in Idaho

We had soooo much fun this day while we were in Idaho a few weeks ago. We spent the whole day at Black Canyon Dam, other then the major sunburns that the oldest two boys ended up with, it was a great day! These pictures are of, Grandpa napping, Colton in the sand, Lightning being silly, Kaylee smiling, and Emily and Abby posing! It was such a great day. We really missed Aaron, Marcia, John, Roger and Jake!! That is all this day was missing!
We got to go down to Idaho for Joe's work and we just stayed for the weekend. I hope this happens alot! :)

Jul 18, 2005

Marlin and Joe

This is Joe's wrestling coach from Portland State. Marlin Grahn. If it wasn't for all he did for us, we would never have gone to Portland. Marlin was so supportive of Joe and did so much for us. We will always look back at our time in Portland with great memories and we can thank Marlin for many of them.

Jacob and Lightning

It was so fun to see little Jacob on our way to Montana. It was nice to visit with Aaron and Marcia and be in there home also. We sure wish we had more time with them.

Funny Boy!

Lightning got in to the brown sugar this morning! That is twice this last week!!

Jul 13, 2005

John Seable Sr. Family

I found this picture today!! I love all of our hair!! Don't we all remember John's grey and white striped jacket worn with his pink dress shirt!!!!
Oh my! This was a good one! This was outside Grandma's church and I have it dated July 12, 1987.
I actually remember this day because they thought I was a laural, I felt so cool that they would think I was that old and I had just began behives! I was so wierd!! :)

Jul 12, 2005

Salmon River

After alot of convincing and passing around shorts (hee hee), Joe talked Scott into getting into the VERY cold river in May in Portland. To everyones surprise, Phil jumped right in and stayed out there even past Joe!!! He just said pass me my pole!! Mary, Phil, Scott and Amy are friends that we will miss from Portland. This was a fun last day at the River.

Fishing at Salmon River

Rodee had a brief lesson from our good friend Phil from Portland on one of our last outing with Phil, Mary and there girls.

Multnomah Falls

Before we left we wanted to be sure to hit some of our favorite spots. We did the hike to the top of Multnomah falls, which is no small feat, but it was worth it.

More EMP

Downtown Seattle

In June when Joe was working in Seattle the boys and I spent the day enjoying one of my favorite places in the world, downtown Seattle!!
This picture is in front of the EMP, Experience Music Project, next to the Space Needle. Grandpa Nykreim, Uncle Arnfinn and Uncle Johnny, where apart of the crew who did all the sheet metal on this strange but cool looking building.