Aug 28, 2007


I have so much more pictures to post, but it is late. Scroll down for more, though, this thing posts them back wards, but I am sure you can figure it out! We are doing good, Joe is in England training a group of guys over there. He is haveing a good time. Talking to each other at the right time of day is a challenge but we do get to talk.
I will post more later!

Paul Bunyon

Paul Bunyon was HUGE in Minnesota, not just in size. Almost every city we visited had there own version of these huge statues of Paul Bunyon and sometimes the big blue ox too. Every town would have there own version of the story too. The kids just loved it!

These were at Paul Bunyon days, and Rodee found a new love. Rock climbing! We haven't found anywhere he can do it here, but he still talks about it!

The many Lakes..

We spend so many days at the many different lakes in Minnesota. They are all so beautiful. We loved just hanging out on the beach, especially when Daddy could be with us on the weekends.

The kids

We ended up staying in hotels the whole almost 8 weeks. We really did have a good time amazingly! Good thing we like each other! Here a few of the kids at the hotel.


More of our summer!

While we were in Minot we also went to the zoo! It was sad that most of the kids didn't even remember that while in Portland we went almost weekly for a while while we lived there! It was so much fun though. We also visited this beautiful Scandanavian Park. The tour people loved all of our families names! It was so great to talk with the kids about why daddy thinks it is so great to be Norwiegen! It was such a great day, one of our favorites of the trip. We also found out that day, that we would not be going home as planned that we would have at least 6 more weeks of trip!

Aug 27, 2007

Summer 2007

I thought I would post some pictures from our 8 week adventure following Joe around with work this summer. We really did have such a great time!

I will start with our trip that we thought would last a week to Minot North Dakota. While we were ther we were able to stay at a great hotel with this awesome water park. That was the purpose of going.