May 30, 2008

School is almost out!

Takeing the boys to school this morning for some reason it hit me that the year is almost over. I know we have been talking about it already, but it really hit me. Summer. I love summer. I just remember all those summer days, playing out side, setting up the pools, you know the little plastic ones, that when you got in the sides would bend, or you could purposely bend them and watch the water fall! Anyway, our neighborhood growing up was so fun. There were really only 4 or 5 families with kids, but it always seemed like more. We would have so much fun, builing forts in the allies, playing on Heather's "dirt mountain". We would spend hours on end, on that dirt mountain. One day it was an actual mountain, that we were hiking and got lost in the "wilderness'. The next day we would trace lines in the lose dirt that would outline our homes. Complete with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc... I can picture what our houses looked like in out minds. Our bedrooms would be exactly what we wanted, gigantic, and finger drawn big luxurious beds. I can see it. I can see it as a child, and the size and colors in my mind. I can also picture it as it must have really looked. Small ligns in the dirt, traced by small fingers. That was it. So simple and so amazing.
I am actually looking forward to this summer. We are busy with activities, but I hope that the kids can have some of those days, just out playing in the yard.

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