May 27, 2008

Thoughts from me!

I haven't posted for a while, thought I would just puts some random thoughts down. Most the times that is what my thoughts are. :)
Joe is off to Germany now. He will be there until late June. We miss him when he is gone.
This weekend, we didn't do much for Memorial day. We cleaned mostly. Fun huh. We have had crazy rain, like so much the kids couldn't even play outside when it wasn't raining because it was so muddy. We did have an indoor BBQ at our friends house on Monday night, that was the highlight of the weekend. It was fun. Oh, Friday night we had a good time. Joe was leaving on Saturday morning so we just had a family fun night. We played some classic games we hadn't played with the kids before. We played the M&M game, where you sit in a circle and pass the bowl of M&M's around. Remember that one? We played it when I was young, but then you had those Tan M&M's so each person closes there eyes and picks two M&M's if neither is tan, then you have to store them in one cheek. Then you pass it on. The game keeps going, and your cheek keeps getting fuller, if you happen to draw a tan on, you get to eat all of them! It is just a silly, fun game, it gets silly, because usually there is at least a few, that never seem to get one, daddy, was the one this time, the entire game!! Poor guy. There really is no point, other then eating chocolate, which has its own value I suppose, but it gets alot of giggles and it was really fun. Since there are no more Tan ones anymore and you don't want to just use a regular color, because it needs to be alot less of the magic one then the others. So I bought a regular big bag, then bought two little ones of that were out for some new movie right now that had cream colored ones in it.
We also played the one where you wrap a candy bar up a few times in newspaper or whatever, and you have a set of gloves and a knife and fork, and dice. Everyone rolls and passes the dice, if you roll a one or six, then you get to go, you have to put the gloves on, and then try to open and eat the candy bar, but you can only use the knife and fork. Also, when someone else gets a one or six, they shout out and you have to put the knife and fork down and take the gloves off and pass them to them . It was hillarious. It took a long time too. Just as one person would get the gloves on and get a start on opening it someone would shout out. Even Sophi played, I helped her and she would just giggle and giggle. It was so fun! We then had pizza and watched a movie. It was a great send off party for daddy! Really we seem to find any reason to have a party though!! I love it!

Sophi is standing with her chapstick in one hand and bouncing to the beat of the music that Lightning just put on! (these names!!! I wonder what I was thinking, in letting them pick out there blog names!) Anyway, she is adorible!!

I have a ton of pictures I need to post, but I can't now, so more to come later!

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Mark and Kiss said...

I love it! What a great family evening. I wished we lived closer. Love you!