Dec 2, 2008

Snowy day!

So we finally woke up to snow! For here, that is really late!

I am so proud of myself, small accomplishment, but I got the boys to school on time this morning, happy and feed! YEAH! One did get away with a serious need for finger nail clipping, but I have to look at the positive! hee hee

Kjari said the funniest thing last night, she ask me is we could watch the "scary Jesus" movie. It took me a minute, then I remembered we had been watching the Testaments on Sunday. I put it in for her, and she loved it up until the part where Jesus begins to be taken away, and she said, "shut if off, this is scary."

Then she wanted me to re start it again. She is too funny!

I am still suffering with this sore throat, I know, I know I need to get in to be seen. I just need to find some time, or make it I guess.

Well, I am off to begin a new day! Yeah for snow!

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