Dec 15, 2008

Montana is cold!!

Now when I grew up in Idaho, we had much longer winters then they do now, but nothing, and I mean nothing can compare to the cold we feel here in Montana! (Ok maybe Alaska or whatever, but for me, it is Montana)

It has been so cold, I mean freezing here this weekend. Church was cancelled Sunday, because of the weather. The high yesterday was -12. Ok, and since we are one of the windiest cities in the nation, the wind chill factor added on that, they say, makes it feel like -45!!

It is truly insane. It got alot colder too, remember that was the high for the day!!!

This morning, I was sure school would be cancelled, frost bite sets in in this weather within 10 minutes!! But no, no cancellation! My car would not start, (I forgot to plug it in last night, too cold to go out, and kept putting it off) So a sweet nieghbor had to give the boys a ride to school. My plan was to get the last few things I need to mail out to the post office today, to make it by Christmas, so I hope my car decides to start soon!

Saturday, when it wasn't as cold, (closer to -7 hee hee) they big boys bundled up with a grand plan to make a slideing area off the deck by building up snow. Well, it only lasted about 6 minutes until it was just too cold! They each took turns once in a while running out and jumping on the trampoline for a few seconds (with out coats mind you) and running back in! Can you tell who these boys are related too?????

Anyway, it has been a cold and long weekend, and it doesn't show much signs of warming up!

But guess what...... I STILL LOVE MONTANA!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite Montana Winter story was when I was in grade school (Loy Elementary) we had a blizzard one year and they closed school for a whole day. Just long enough to dig out the doorways, and the next day we had school. We couldn't play outside, due to the windchill, and the mountain of snow on the school, but we could get in the doors, so school was in. Crazy.

My first year in Oregon, we were sent home from school at lunch because there was the THREAT of snow that afternoon. We were expected to get as much as an inch. The city shut down. Ha.

vaxhacker said...

Yeah, we usually laugh at Montanans shoveling that white stuff out of their driveways all winter while we enjoy our Oregon mild winters, maybe secretly coveting the snow just a little. But... enough already! We give up! It's been dumping snow all over us for the past week and isn't letting up yet. This is soooo strange for us here. Yeah, okay, you can laugh at us now.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! (Oh, and I don't think we ever got your new address since you moved there, so we need to get that to send you a card this year...)