Jan 19, 2008

Names have been changed to protect their identity.....

Ok, some of you may have noticed some changes to our site! Most important, we have changed all of our names! Its for privacy, but I will now introduce us all to you!:

Lynn, 32 I am a stay at home mom who likes to read, talk, play with my kids, and continually work on organizing. My mission, to have happy, healthy, kids, full of integrity, who will grow up to be incredible amazing people, and to have a healthy, happy husband who I will spend all of Eternity in Love with.

Joe, 32 An incredibly hard working man, who loves his children and his wife, not to mention he is really hot! hee hee!

Rodee, our 9 year old boy, who loves to read, and play basketball. He is an amazing kid and keeps us on our toes all the time.

Sam, is our 8 year old boy, he is a tender hearted sweetheart. He likes to play soccer and is such a great help around the house.

Lightning, our 5 year old son, is so busy! He is a happy, kid, sooo ready to go to Kindergarten. He loves everything super hero!

Sophie is our 18 month sweetheart. She loves to smile and laugh at her big brothers. Just them walking in the room lights her up!! We love having a girl around!

Ok, so that is us! Love, Lynn :)


Garrett Gang said...

Good to have you back!! ;)

Eden said...

Uh...what the duce?

Just curious why you guys decided to go all James Bond with the fake identities??

Anyway, good to see your blog! I've had a link to your site forever, but I didn't think you used it anymore since it wasn't ever updated (and I'm a hypocrite since I haven't updated my own blog for like 6 weeks!).

Well, it's good to see that everyone is well!

Have a great day!