Jan 19, 2008

It has been a while!

Ok, I have been newly inspired to write. Joe has been gone for most of January and missed our 11 year anniversary yesterday! Its ok, we will celebrate when he gets home, but I do miss him! The kids are going nuts today! We have a ton of snow on the ground, but I can't seem to encourage them to go out and play. The snow here is wierd, it is really rare when we get to a temp that allows the snow to be packing snow. So they can't really make snowmen, or have snow ball fights. Well, they managed to have a good snow "fight" yesterday but no balls. They just scooped snow and let it fly, a good part of the nieghborhood was involved, and all in our front yard. As usual it was boys againts, the one poor house full of girls next door.
Oh to be a kid again! I remember actually enjoying snowball fights, now it does nothing but annoy me if someone even thinks about throwing something at me. I need to lighten up or something! I am not good at that.
We are finishing up Saturday chores, so we can do something fun tonight. The kids were going to each invite a friend if they got it done by 2, but weren't able to do that. I think I am punishing me more then them. I will have to remember that one.
I will try to write again soon! And get my camera lense fixed so I can post some more pics!

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