Jan 1, 2009

My New Vacuum

Ok, so I am sure I will never hear from Dyson, though I would still be up to it, I just simply couldn't wait! I needed a good vacuum now. So I continued my internet search and eventually ended up in Walmart. I really, wanted that Dyson.... but just simply didn't have $400 to spare. So... I bought my first hoover. It is the Hoover Mach 5. So far..... I am in love!! I love it. I had broken my decision making down to this one or a new one called the Infinity. I really like it and it looked great, but it came down to sticking to a brand I knew. And I have to admit, that the sticker on the box that read, "better then Dyson" sold me. Since it was at least half the cost. So... I brought it home. It is amazing. I have always had fairly cheap Vacuums, I just never realized sooo much why they are cheap. I emediatly opened it up and started Vacuuming! Seriously, I doubt many of you were Vacuuming your house at 7:00pm on New Years Eve... sad.. I know... Anyway, I vacuumed the area rugs on the main floor and the hallways and the family room! Oh my goodness, I could have been a vacuum sales person, gross, I can't believe I am showing you all this now, but I am! I am sold. So, now if Dyson were to want a real opinion on the earlier statement about weather or not the Hoover truly is better then the Dyson, I would still be very happy to give them a try, so for now, I will have to be a Hoover.... hmmm, nothing sounds very nice...... :) so we will see if I ever become a Dyson Diva!


Anonymous said...

both my mom and sister have dyson's. they swear by them. they are nice. but cheap is better than nice if you ask me.

Mark and Kiss said...

Congratulations! I have a Hoover and love it! It is a great machine!

Martie said...

Hey, is Kjell gone? I hope you're doing okay. Let me know if you need anything. January can be so... dull.