Jan 7, 2009

Winter Blue's

A wonderful friend posted about what kinds of thing they do to keep the kiddies busy, when it is so cold out this time of year. Christmas is over, no more major things coming up, (yeah!). So for us too, this is a wonderful time, to just relax, but that also means keeping busy. So this was our idea today, I love making playdough, but just didn't really feel like it today, so I pulled out our huge box of coookie cutters a good freind gave us years ago. I have used these cookie cutters for a million different things, and very rairly use them for cookies!! :)

So, lately when Kjari even see's a crayon she wants me to trace her hand. Then she wants me to trace it again, and then again, then my hand, then her's again. Anyway, you get the point, so today I pulled the cutters out and let her learn to trace in them! She loved it! I was planning on letting her at it and having 10 or 15 minutes to get some things done, but I have to admit, I had fun doing it too!

So, any of my readers, who would like to post something on your blog about what you do to keep the kids happy and busy and learning, post on your blog and be sure to leave a comment here to let us know to check it out!

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