Feb 26, 2009


Ok, my sweet neighbor and friend turned or should I say tuned me into Pandora.com!! Holy smokes I am in love. Some of you may know some may be surprised, but I am a 70's and 80's music junkie, literally, sometimes I need it as a drug. No seriously, you just don't understand! :) My poor sweet husband really doesn't understand!

Sad I know, I blame my narcolepsy, but whatever it is, when I can not seem to get motivated or start to feel overwhelmed, like lately with all the moving and sorting and packing etc... if I can crank the music and loud, I literally dance my way thru it. I need to dance, as I move from room to room! (I know probably not a picture you wanted in your head)

Finding this station is amazing! You can put in a song or artist you like, and it literally creates a station suited to you. The more you listen the more perfect it gets, if it picks a song you don't like, you just click it and it sends it to a different directions. You can also have more then one station going, for example I have my ANYTHING BOX station!! One of my favorites, it now pretty much plays them, (one of my ultimate favorites) and Pet Shop boys, (a close second) and Depeche mode, The smiths, OMD, etc... I love it!!

Then there is my other side, lets just call it my Abba and Belida Carlile side! Oh, yeah, I love to pump this loud when I have tons of work ahead of me, It is great, Kjari loves it too, I have the Mama Mia sound track and she LOVES to dance with me to it.

Short Movie review by Crystal:
(first warning, I only watch movies on my clearplay machine, so if I recommend a movie to you, take note, there might be things I don't know about them... :))

This movie is my new lifetime favorite! Funny things is the first time I watched it I didn't like it. Mistake: I watched it with my hubby! Ok, so we were both laughing and thought it was just too silly, who knows you know how you get going and that is just what it seemed like. We also got int a ton, so the next evening when Kjell was not around, I put it back in to see the whole thing thru! I LOVED IT!! Oh, my and of course already being a ABBA fan, made it even more fun!

Ok, back to the subject, so as you can see I have wide varying tastes in music, because my third channel has all Led Zeplin, Pink Floyd, etc... I mean really how soothing is hearing a talented awesome guitar solo so loud that you feel it in your blood! Seriously a drug for me.....I am not kidding.

I love Reggae and some techno pop, I mean seriously I am everywhere!

I honestly don't know what inspires me to choose one to listen too one day and another the next, but music is it for me! I just need it.

Now I also have days I need to feed my spirit and I love to listen to, here you go, don't laugh, but old Seminary stuff, like Afterglow! But I do have new favorites too, like I love love love, a shocker here for me since I am not really a country fan, but Joseph: A Nashville tribute!

So, I have always thought I was odd, because I like such diversity in music. In my dark hair, white face, all black stage of Junior high (yes that was me for a short time) I would have hated someone like me! Now I just know that I love music! All of it.

(Ok, still can't handle much twangy country, or rap or lets just say most garbage or anything that is heavy yuck rock with no point like metalica etc..) Ok, So I am still a bit of a music snob, but what can I say, I have good taste!!

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