Mar 1, 2009

Vance let me take pictures of him!!!

My funny Vance. He HATES having his pictures taken. He is so cute, I can't understand why, but I guess I am his mom. It might be that he has had a camera in his face most his life living with me, but who knows. :)
So this morning before church I got all the boys taken!! I love my boys. Boys are amazing, knowing what they can become makes me appreciate them everyday even more. They are wild, crazy, busy, and so loving! I love you Vance, Gjori and Kjellsen!


MomladyHeather said...

i love boys too! I can't believe how old your kids are getting. It's wonderful and exciting to know that there is righteous priesthood being raised up in your family. Good job mommy Crystal!

The TAUFA'S said...

Awesome pictures! Vance is getting so big and his hair is getting dark?! I enjoy catching up and like you have a variety of music I listen to as well. Hope the packing is going well.

becky said...

vance looks like james dean in that pic. too cool.

Martie said...

What a beautiful gaggle of guys you have! I love your family. :O)

(And YAY for Vance!)


Amy said...

Moms with lots of girls are THRILLED there are moms with lots of good, handsome, sweet boys!!! Keep up the good work. (PS- Cassie is waving and saying "bye bye" to Kjellsen's picture... I think because she was so excited to wave to him on Tuesday. I think she may have a crush on Kjellsen, like Daphne does on Vance.)

The Hartungs said...

holy cow! I agree with becky that he looks like a movie star, though I have to say more of a young Johnny Depp.

Martie said...


How is Kjari feeling today? Is everyone else healthy? I hope this passes quickly!