Feb 2, 2009

Valentines Day!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentines day!! I usually start celebrateing on February first. Well, Daddy was home this weekend, so we really just enjoyed our time together, celebrated his birthday (on the 30th) and we will be sending him on his way today back to Seattle. :(

But I have to confess, I bought things for some crafts, I want to do with the kids, and bought some things and have already planned a Valentines party with Kjari and her little friends, so I guess I did start even before February came around!

Every year since we had Vance, so for the last 10 years, we have always had a big fancy dinner with the kids for Valentines day. It has always been more of a family event for us since, we celebrate our Anniversary only a month before. The kids love it. The last few years we have added a mailbox to each send secret notes to everyone in our family the whole month of February. I just love hearing the kids express there love for each other. I found a cute idea on another blog about making there own little mailboxes, and she said she found these cute little ones at Target at there $ section, I bet you can guess where Kjari and I are running after we kiss Kjell goodbye!!! I love target! I heart Target, I am going to send them a Valentine for sure!!!

Anyway, we will be sad to not have daddy with us this year, but we will just have to pull out that handy web cam, not the same but makes it fun!

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Martie said...

I'm V-day crazy, too! I totally get it! :O)