Feb 18, 2009

Food Storage

I don't know about any of you, but I have wanted for years, those awesome rotating shelves for food storage. But... have no desire to pay the thousands of dollars they would cost to have what I need. I found this on a blog today, and am in love! I am resisting starting the project today, since that certainly wouldn't be moving me forward closer to our move, though I have been really good at finding all kinds of projects to keep my busy so I can avoid packing or whatever. But I am going to hold off, really excited that when we do move, I will have tons of cardboard to work with!! I had an idea to cover them with colored duct tape to make them more sturdy. You can buy white duct tape, that would look nice, or you could even do like yellow for fruit, green for veggies, blue for soup, etc.... Anyway, thought I would pass this on!

Here is a link to a PDF form of the exact out line of how to make it.

This is the origional site that shows pictures of the shelves. This is a great blog!

This blog gives awesome step by step instructions and even has a video also a wonderful fun site for all kinds of food storage ideas:

( I will post pictures here as soon as I have permission from the wonderful author!)

Anyway, happy storing!!

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