Feb 21, 2009

A House of Order

Ok, I am trying to remember that I started this blog originally so that I would actually journal the crazy life of the Nykreim's. I have done some of that, and some more on top of that. But, as my word for 2009 is ORDER, I remembered that I need to add some order to my blog. Right now my life is about as crazy as I think it can get, with Kjell being gone since September, trying to prepare an already fixer upper for sale, packing and sorting for an out of state move, and taking care of four kids under ten, Oh... and on top of that trying to maintain some sense of ORDER!! Ok, but I am reminding my self every morning that the Lord PROMISES he will not give us things we cannot handle. So.....back to my word. I need to establish more order again. I strongly believe in baby steps. These are my goal for the next week.

1. Maintain what is working and simply add another step:

My kids of course thrive (and so do I) on order, we will maintain our usual devotionals at night, bedtime routine, but we will add having them lay out there clothes for the next day.
See my perfectionist brain tells me, oh that isn't that big of deal that should be easy right? But I am going to stop myself and add that ONE thing for this week.

2. Flylady:
I am going back to my flylady routines, (if you don't know who she is, you must be new to the Internet, or a born organized person and if so you might not enjoy my blog too much! Just teasing, I will let born organized people read, you just can't comment!! .......No I am teasing again, I would love your comments....... unless they go something like, (order is so easy, you just simply do it!! :)) (Or my kids just do all the work GAG!) (Or I just get up 3 hours before the rest of the family!!!) Ok :) Ok. http://www.flylady.net/

So, back to my basic morning routines of flylady and adding......two 27 fling boogies a day.
(This should be easy and very helpful for me since I am moving)
***Definition: 27 fling boogie- Take a garbage bag and pick a room, and throw away 27 things. Then go back and pick 27 things to donate) If your not moving, and just want to declutter, and you are already not too messy, you could make this 10 or 15 or whatever you need. You would be surprised, when you look at things and think, does this truly bring me happiness or am I just hanging onto it because my crazy third Aunt (choose that one because I don't have a third Aunt, not even sure that exist...anyway) gave it to me for my wedding day. The throwing away might seem harder in rooms like your living room on some days, so pick a drawer in the room etc... But really it doesn't seem to be hard for me in most rooms, with 4 kids. I count everything... a candy wrapper, a torn piece of paper lost on the floor. (This is where you born organized people might get lost....., your thinking... "why didn't they just put those in the garbage" if you do find yourself thinking that, again, you probably don't need this at all!! ....Plus I will really repent of the bad thoughts that I might have of you. :) Teasing... I think.

3. Personal:
I am GOING to add some exercise in there too. I know it seems to me right now I have too much going on, but its like reading the scriptures we all know that when we do that first thing, our day goes so much better. No question. I know I will feel better and have more energy to do the rest if I devote some love to my body too!! It needs a lot of love right now!! :(
Ok, so to be more specific, I am going to add a work out, after I return from getting the kids to school. I will post more about that when I get started.

Ok, so I am off, to get back to my life!! It is Saturday, the kids did good helping with there Friday jobs yesterday so I know they won't be too excited when I let them know what we have planned for today......So here I go.....


Martie said...

YOu go, girl! You can do it! You're awesome!

Thank you SO much for the amazing gift yesterday. I have already used it twice-- once at midnight last night. I am SO GRATEFUL to you! THANK YOU!!!


And I STILL owe you 6 dollars.

Amy said...

Crystal - you are the best. I'm so sorry that I left you to clean up Drew's barf. I totally owe you big time. It was good timing for us to get home as Katherine barfed in the sink right after we walked through the door. Ah, the joys of motherhood. :) THANKS AGAIN!!!

Dara said...

LOVE the flylady tips!
Love your body and it will love you back!
Thanks Angel for the tips you share.