Feb 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Kjell!!!

Last Friday was Kjell's birthday, we were so glad that he was home with us. We celebrated it with some good friends, at one of our favorite mexican restraunts, (ok it is truly the only mexican restraunt around here that is decent, and decent is about the best word I can use), anyway, we went to dinner and then they came over and played Rock band with us! It was really fun! I made Kjell's favorite cake. I think as he puts it he made it up. It is chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling and whip cream on top, oh, and it HAS to be homemade whip cream. I made it special this year instead of the usual way, I made two 8X8 cakes and layered it all, then stuck it in the freezer! It was so yummy!!

Happy Birthday Kjell, I love you!

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