Feb 14, 2009

Questions for Kids, Valentines Day

This was on a friends blog who asks these questions every year to her kids, I love it, I am stealing it!!

Vance (10 1/2) Gjori (9) Kjellsen (6) and Kjari (2 1/2)

1. How will you know when you are in love?
Vance: Ok, this is not cool.....
Gjori: I actually have no clue?
Kjellsen: When you get older
Kjari: I love Jesus
2. Why do kids give Valentine cards at school?
Vance: There teacher tells them to.
Gjori: Because I like them
Kjellsen: because I want to be nice
Kjari: yeah you got parties?
3a. How would you like to be proposed to (girls)?
Kjari: Uh, daddy yeah daddy
3b. How will you propose to your wife (boys)?
Vance: I am not doing this.... (took a while but we got him to come back!! :))
Gjori: By giveing her presents and other stuff
Kjellsen: I don't know
4. Why do people get engaged?
Vance: I don't know
Gjori: To love each other
Kjellsen: because they love each other.
Kjari: nice
5. How will you know when someone loves you?
Vance: well I wouldn't know
Gjori: I don't know
Kjellsen: They will tell me
Kjari: uhhh Jesus
6. How do you know your mom loves your dad?
Vance: hmmmmmm she sent him presents on Valentines day
Gjori: Because I hear you say it.
Kjellsen: Because they got married
Kjari: uhh
7. How do you know your dad loves your mom?
Vance: He sent her a card, overnighted
Gjori: Because he wants to stay home with her, and he cries when he leaves.
Kjellsen: Because they kiss
8. What do you think your mom and dad did on their first date?
Vance: Danced in washington
Gjori: Kiss each other.
Kjellsen: they danced
9. What is romance?
Vance: crap
Gjori: No clue
Kjellsen: I don't know
10. What is Valentines day?
Vance: birthday for St. Valentine
Gjori: A day for loving
Kjellsen: A day when you give people presents and a time that you love
Kjari: my diamonds?
11. Who is cupid?
Vance: A made up fairy tale character
Gjori: Person who shoots arrows at peoples butts and they fall in love.
Kjellsen: (Shrugged shoulders)
12. Did you get any special valentines this year?
Vance: no
Gjori: Yes
Kjellsen: Yes, it was from my mom
13. How old do you think you'll be when you fall in love?
Vance: 22 1/2
Gjori: 36
Kjellsen: 16
Kjari: I get married
14. What do you think about your parents' rule that you can't date until you're 16?:
Vance: Cool
Gjori: good
Kjellsen: Against the law?
15. Why do people get married?
Vance: Because they want to look inside the temple
Gjori: Because they want to.
Kjellsen: they love each other
16. Where do you want to get married?
Vance: The Temple in Rome
Gjori: A Utah temple
Kjellsen: At the temple
Kjari: uhh temple
17. What qualities do you look for in a boy/girl?
Vance: Smart, no facial hair, tall I guess, brunette, I won't marry a blond.
Gjori: Nice
Kjellsen: if they look pretty
.18. What would be a fun date?
Vance: fast food restraunt and playing on the equiptment
Gjori: bowling
Kjellsen: the movies
19. What do you want to get for Valentine's Day?
Vance: A lamborgini
Gjori: chock full of candy
Kjellsen: Another pokemon thing, because I lost mine
.20.Why do men give women flowers or chocolate?
Vance: because there on a diet
Gjori: Because they love each other.
Kjellsen: Because they love the girl
21. What do you think about kissing?
Vance: It is crap
Gjori: crap
Kjellsen: That it is bad, when you are not 16
Kjari: uhhh married
22. What will you wear when you get married?
Vance: White
Gjori: black
Kjellsen: Black
23. What will your husband/wife look like?
Vance: Brunette with green eyes, freckles.
Gjori: Probably skinny, and nice.
Kjellsen: short, blond hair, pretty


Martie said...

Great answers! That was a kick to read. Thanks for participating!


parrish fam said...

That is so cute. I love Vance's answeres it reminds me of my little brothers. And prepares me for what my boys will be like sooner than I know.

vaxhacker said...

Posted on mine too. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Too cute - what insight into kids heads when we ask the right questions.
I think I will adopt some of those answers.