Mar 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

I had a great weekend! My 33rd birthday was last Wednesday, which wasn't the greatest days, I am still going on 3 weeks now of this awful stomach craziness, and that day was one of the worst, I went into the doctor, but who knows. That day when I cam home I found out, Sam had fainted in class that day at school, so I turned around and brought him back to the doctor, and of course we didn't know much, "lets just keep watching him." My stomach hurt enough that night that I didn't eat anything. Joe was planning a good dinner for me, but I told him not to bother. Thursday I was starting to feel a bit better, and good thing, because my sweet sister in Law, surprised me by showing up with Rachel that night! It was so good to see them both! Rachel has grown up so much!! They stayed for the weekend and totally spoiled us all! Kjell and her planned a "surprise" dinner for me on Friday night. Well, I figured it out, that shopping, and such gave that away, but we had a really fun time with lots of good food and friends. Brita, even cooked some Salmon!! Oh, my goodness, even though my stomach was dieing the whole time, I had to eat some of that! It was wonderful! What a great surprise weekend!
Well, I took Joe to the airport yesterday morning early. We all stayed home from church yesterday, Sophie and I both sick. The rest of the day, the two of us slept and the boys did pretty good by themselves. I still haven't heard from Joe, and he should have arrived in Manchester about 8 hours ago! I get nervous until I hear he landed on the ground, preferable on a nice airport runway! I know I am paranoid! I already miss him though!

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