Mar 21, 2008


Wednesday, I experienced my first real spa day! I mean of course I have had pedicures, manies, etc. I get my hair done regulary like most women, and yes I have even had massages, but never the true spa day expereince. OH MY! I am a new woman. In fact when Brita first saw me comeing back, she said my eyes were on fire! Its true! No don't get worried, I will never be one of those women who think it neccesary to spend hundreds of dollars every month to do this, but every few months might be nice! hee hee!

Anyway, I have to write it down so I don't forget any detail!

Brita and Dara, gave me this incredible gift along with some other great girly things, for my birthday. I had no idea how great it would be. It was a package, but we could only scheduled half for the week she would be here to watch the kids, which I am so happy about, since now I know that I have the other half to look forward to. So, I got there and they had me get in the great white comfy robe, in this massive dressing room and put on some flip flops. Now most of you that know me, know that I HATE feet. Not just me own, but especially other peoples! Don't ask me why, some crazy childhood thing I am sure, but somehow, I just simply can't stand it. I love a pedicure, but it is a bit stressful for me at the same time, anyway, back to the story. My sweet friend and hair stylist Mellissa happened to be there getting a massage, so we got to wait together and she told me about the great herbal tea they had so I got some of that. Then they came out with this huge bowl for a foot bath. So I sat there for about 10 minutes in the hot bubbly bath, It was so nice, and then she cam out and massaged and scrubbed them. I got over it really quick and it was so nice. It was an interesting time, since we had just talked about the Savior the night before washing the deciples feet. I am sure it wasn't the same but it was interesting to think about. Anyway, I get off track really easy!

Then they took me on to a beautiful, quiet room, with low lights and soft music and smelled like Heaven! This was going to begin my day with a two hour facial! Crazy me I couldn't figure out what they were going to do to my face for two hours!! OH it was so much better. She did quite a few layers of masks and such, but inbetween each she massaged my feet, my legs my arms my scalp! Oh the scalp was the best! hee hee. It was so relaxing and just simply amazing. When she was done, she had me come out, and get some tea and just wait a bit, and then the next lady came and got me. Her room was just as beautiful and the bed was heated! I love heat! I truly should live in Southern California! I always have, I love, love, love heat! Anyway, so this was my true treat! I got a hot rock massage for an hour! It was amazing! I know I need some new describeing words but I seriously can't come up with anything better. The great thing is I was already so relaxed I was able to just enjoy every bit of the hour. So when it was over, they brought me back to my huge dressing room and said help yourself to anything you might need. So I took a wonderful, quiet, interuption free shower, blew dried my hair of course using there wonderful Aveda products! Then I got to use all this wonderful Aveda make up they had out! It was all so awesome! And now I get to go back next month for a two hour pedicure! I can't wait!

I can't thank you Brita and Dara enough. It was more than a treat!

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