Mar 21, 2008

Lunch ideas!

Aunt B, came this week to help out with Kjell being in London this month. She has been simply awesome! I can't say enough. Because she was here I was able to surprised Vance at school yesterday and brought him chinese for lunch! It was really fun, but I sat at our table with aproximately 35 other kids I would say were on our table, and I was simply shocked. The lunch looked pretty good, our school raised prices this last year so they could provide healthier options. It didn't look that different, but it still looked good. It was a chicken sandwich, and macaroni salad, that looked pretty good. They even had a cookie. Well anyway, when the time came for the kids to go, I would honeslty say only two of the little cups of salad had even been touched at out table and not one single sandwich was finished, most only a couple bites out of them. Even most of the cookies were left. I watched the kids, they picked at most of it, but didn't eat much at all! NO wonder our kids come home rafished! I don't think the schools can do anything different about it really, it looked good, it wasn't that, but I think that is just the way kids are. I think kids in general like thing the way they get them at home, what they are use to. I ask Vance and I said would you have eaten that, and he is a good eater, he said, oh probly not the chicken sandwich! I was shocked. I realized that that money I was sending in every month was just paying the dumpster bill! Anyway, so even thought I think honestly making a great packed lunch can be almost as expensive, would my kids eat it any better!!? So I went on a hunt this morning and found this great site. I think for a lunch box the price is crazy, but I love the idea and I think I could do it in the boxes they have. Just thought I would pass it on!

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