Mar 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt!

We invited our neighbor to come join us in our hunt. It didn't last long, but they had fun of course! I loved the hunts we would have in our front yard every year. Something special about that was so much better than the city hunt. I can imagine, the four of us running out and finding the eggs, some in plain site, some in the bushes, some on tires of vehicles near by. The excitement of just finding one. I honestly don't remember what my parents put in the, some years it was candy, sometimes coins, sometimes we just hid our hard boiled ones. The coolest feeling ever was when it was weeks later and we would be playing outside and someone would come across a long forgotten plastic egg full of treasure. Oh to be a kid again! I know that is why our loving Heavenly Father gives us these opportunities. To re live them, maybe create new memories, replace old. Live is good.

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Mark and Kiss said...

Great pictures! I love watching the kids on holidays! Too fun.