Mar 12, 2008

Answer to my stomach issues!

Ok, wierdest thing ever, but I tested positive for Giardia! Who the heck knows how I came accross it. Usually people get it from drinking infected lake water! I haven't been camping lately, so who knows. But I got on an antibiotic now, that of course the side effects cause cramping in the stomach and nausia! Not much different than the last three weeks, but this morning I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I just hope that none of the kids or Joe got it in the mean time!


Jojomama said...

Wow! You should try doing a digestive and liver cleanse!

Jojomama said...

And I am not sure about the wild rice flour for the cake- it should be fine- although it may have a slight flavor that is different- but chocolate will most likely mask that. I often grind up my own brown rice. Be sure to use the xanthan gum to replace the lack of gluten.

Slacker said...

Be sure to take an probiotic after you are done with the antibiotic. It will help with GI problems. Sorry to hear about you weren't feeling well.