Feb 11, 2008

Laundry and Life

Ok, I am inspired again by a few friends! Laundry! Who hates it even close to as bad as I do! I want to hear as many ideas as you have on how to get over it! I am setting up a system a freind recomended. Obviously having to personalize it, because my Laundry room is the size of a closet, but more cramped!
We had a nice weekend with the kids! We went on a date on Friday night with some friends of ours. I started doing Friday after school cleaning this week, as recomended by this same great friend and it was wonderful! We have always done Saturday morning cleaning, but this was so nice, right when the boys got home from school, I just told them what needed to be done, (lesson one, I am going to make list to hand out next week!) they weren't to happy about it, but got over it quick. We got it done within about 2 hours, and then it was done, we went out and enjoyed our date, when we got up in the morning, Sophi and I layed in bed and I read the last 160 pages of Eclipse, the last book so far, in the best series I have ever read! ( side note, if you haven't read the Twilight series, by Stephanie Meyer get them today! I am holding my breath until August 2nd when the final one comes out!!! ) The kids watched there Saturday shows, so cute, Sophi saw a Care Bear show on, and went crazy! We never get to have it on that early since we are usually cleaning and she was in Heaven. I was so proud of the boys who loved watching her watch it so much, they didn't even try to fight it!

Later we took the kids to a new place in town, that is a big inflatable gym, it was so much fun. Kjari was hillarious, she is not scared of anything! She just followed the boys around the whole time and no fear jumped right in!

Since we missed Friday Family Movie night, we went and go some movies, came home and made homemade Pizza and started movies at about 6:00. We watched "The Game Plan" with the kids, it was really cute, and then we put them off to bed, and we watched a really wierd movie, I guess it was sort of funny, but one of those, I won't get those two hours back, type movies, called 'I am Fish Read', anyway then we watched one more, I can't remember the name though! Anway, it was fun. Sunday, we have church early now, so the kids and Joe were home by noon, and I stayed for Choir practice, and then came home to the kids playing and Joe ran off for a nap. He had started dinner, so I finished getting things ready and set up the table for our company. Our friends and there kids came over. It was a nice quiet Sunday.

I better get going, Lightning and Sophi are looking for me! :)

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Martie said...

Congrats on all the progress!

Tell me more about this big, inflatable place!