Apr 24, 2009

My favorite days....

My APSOLUTE favorite way to spend a day!! I say it all the time, but seriously, NOTHING brings me more just pure happiness then a day alone with my family at some form or water. I don't care if it the ocean beach, the bank of a river, whatever. Cold, warm, windy, whatever I don't care. These are the the images I always want in my mind, always!
We took advantage of the first day that daddy came home, right before spring break, and we packed a pic nic and spent the whole afternoon into the evening there. (missing Vance's swimming party for scouts, sorry again Vance!)
It was so fun watching Kjari join the big boys in there exploring under the bridge, throwing rocks, laughing and smileing! Pure Joy!!! I can't wait until we are together again, and we can do this more often! I guess it will be the Ocean beaches again in Washington, I can't wait, but we will miss these beautiful holes we find to play in here in Montana!!


Martie said...

What a wonderful memory-making day for all of you. We have the same love and we totally understand what you mean. My children could throw rocks in the water for hours and hours. They love it. So simple, yet so satisfying.

I'm happy for you!

Amy said...

Man, Kjellsen is soooo photogenic! What a handsome boy.