Apr 17, 2009

Daddies Girl

Kjari woke up this morning, (in my bed of course, bad habit that must be broken soon!) and she was so excited. I mean you could see it in her eyes, she told me this:

Kjari: "Daddy came and visited me last night!!"
Mom: "Really what did you guys do?"
Kjari: "We played with toys, and he put on music... all kinds of music mommy!"

It was so sweet, she loves him so much. In her whole life, he has been gone probably 70% of the time, but she knows he is HER Daddy! She always tells me that. She always asks me, if she can call "my daddy". When ever she see's other men, she says that is "her" daddy, or "his" daddy. She ALWAYS knows where her daddy is, and calls him whenever she wants. She seriously will have 20 minute full conversations with him on the phone in a way that most 2 and half year olds can't even begin to communicate. She asks him, what he is doing, she tells him about what she is doing, what her brothers are doing, what her stuffed animals are doing etc.... If she can't think of what to day she says, "Daddy...um...um....um.... Daddy......um....um....um..."Just making sure to keep him on the phone until she can come up with something else to say!! It cracks me up every time. I am so happy for her that she has a daddy, who is patient enough to listen to all her stories and ask her questions. Anyway, just had to journal that cute dream, I told her to come get me next time and we call all play with toys and dance to the music together, and she said, OK!! mommy, I will!!!

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Martie said...

Awww, sweet, sweet Kjari!!