Apr 24, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

WE went to the biggest Easter egg hunt I have ever heard of. A local family holds this on there ranch every year, typically with 5000 eggs. Alot already, but this year in honor of her husbands 50th birthday, they had 50,000 eggs, no joke, they were spread out for miles on all these rolling hills it was truly amazing to see!! It was a little crazy, as you can see from the cars, so many people came from all over. They had tons of prizes and an airplane that dropped 50 stuffed animals thru out the hunt. This family does this all on there own with a few donations from local businesses. It was really fun!!

It took a bit to get her to look at the bunny, but once she did her eyes were locked!!! I love this age!!


becky said...

so fun, crystal! i want to go next year--please let me know where it is.

The Hartungs said...

where's this hunt held? I've only heard of the one at Gibson Park

Martie said...

Where is this???