Apr 24, 2009

Conference Donuts

We started a "tradition" of sorts years, and years ago, when our oldest two were just very little. Every Saturday morning before Conference we start out with donuts. I believe it began because one year when we were in Portland, a Krispy Cream had just opened near us, and I believe Kjell just wanted an excuse to go get some!! Well it stuck. There have been years, especially when we were in school, that we did not splurge on store bought donuts, but we would make them!! But either way we have never stopped. This last few conferences, except for this last one, Kjell was actually in town and had taken charge of makeing sure we had our donuts. We have a bakery here in town called Hemple's ( I think that is what it is called!) Wonderful!! Anyway, this last time, I really just had not remembered to even plan. But that Saturday morning, Vance woke me up early and said, hey are we going to get the donuts? I was like, ok, sure. I said I'll just run over to Smith's and pick some up. He said, no way! He reminded me that this would be our last conference here in Great Falls, and Daddy had always taken him with him to Hemples and he really wanted to do that while he could. I couldn't resist, so we headed off, early to Hemples. It was great. We had donuts to munch on all weekend! Strange how much longer they last with out Daddy around! hee hee :)

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Martie said...

Ohhh, STOP! Not a good posting for a now gluten-free momma! :O)

I love it. Traditions mean so much to families, particularly children.