Apr 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kim!!!!

Today is my big sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Kimmy!!
Memories of Kim:

1. All her horse pictures on our wall.
2. Her pictures of Wham!!!
3. Her awesome clothes I always stole from her!!
4. Playing Little House on the Prairie on our bunk beds.
5. Her being so concerned about my fingernails, and making sure they are beautiful!! ;0
6. Getting our "Share" barbie dolls along with our Donny Osmond, complete with purple socks.
7. Her letting me play with her and her friends.
8. That she LOVED to read!!
9. Her love for Drama!! I loved seeing her in her school plays. And knowing my big sister was almost always the lead role!!
10. Making movies!! :)
11. Working together @ Micky D's!! Talking her into things since she was the manager!!
12. Hanging out at her apartment!!!
13. Being in the young adult ward together.
14. Her coming to visit in Seattle, hanging out at Pikes Market!!
15. Knowing now that we are best friends, and still look out for each other even after all these years.
I love you Kim!!! Thanks for being a wonderful big sister and Friend!!


Families Are Forever said...

What a great thing to see sisters with such a great relationship! Cheers to you both!!

Kim Myers said...

This is the first I have looked at your blog in a while . Thank you so much. I LOVE YOU LITTLE SISTER!