Feb 9, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Kjell and I both LOVE Valentines day!! We make it all about our family!! Probably because we celebrate our anniversary just a few weeks before!! But I still wanted to post a picture of my Valentine and me!! I won't get too gushy since I did just post about him, but to be honest he is pretty great and it is hard not too!! I love being married!! Married love it so awesome, I never have to wonder if I have a Valentine or not!! I am glad to know that forever and all Eternity, I will always have not just any Valentine but I will always have him!!
Last night at Family Home Evening, we were talking about standards, and why it is important to protect our standards that we are given, because Satan is always trying to get us to break them even in little ways. We talked about how the next 10 to 15 years for them will be so important and that Satan knows that, and he will try to get them to break the standards our Heavenly Father has given us to protect us. Now is the time more then ever that Satan wants them to break those standards because some of the most important decisions they will ever make such as going on a mission and who and where they marry will be effected. Making little choices that break there standards can make it very difficult to achieve these goals. So we talked about how, it was important for both Kjell and I to find someone who honored those standards in the same way....So Gjori piped in right away and said, "wow, you guys are really lucky, no more challenges for you." Well... that gave us a pretty good laugh, and made us both think hard. By no means has Satan left us alone... and he never will. We have seen his influence in our lives many times and had to really hold to those same standards to fight him off. But it did make me so grateful for my temple marriage and for a man who knows what is right and knows what he needs to do to protect himself and our family from challenges that we don't need so that we can have the strength to fight the ones that come anyway!! I love you Valentine!!


Kirstin said...

Hello! I found your blog via facebook! I had "friended" Bev. And through several clicks landed here. My family lived down the road from the Nykreims for quite awhile and went to school with the kids until I think they moved. I can't remember now. What a fun blog you have. I will have to look at more.

Have a great day!

Amy said...

I love that FHE lesson. Consider it copied by me very soon. And... if only challenges stopped when we got married in the temple! I had a non-LDS coworker once ask me why he sometimes saw married women wearing CTR rings. 'Cuz we still need to choose the right!

Nykreim said...

Amy if you want the whole lesson just let me know!! Its from MY FAVORITE lesson book ever, called "Before they are twelve!!" The lessons basicly teach individually the principals in the "For Strength of Youth" pamplet!! I really love it!!