Jan 30, 2010


Photo Credit: Martie @ http://martieshouse.blogspot.com/

Many hearts are broken today. And many tears are being shed. A wonderful family has been temporarily seperated from one of their own. My awesome, friend from Montana and her family, lost her little girl yesterday. I have been in tears all morning, and feel so helpless being here so far away from a this family. I was so lucky to watch Carissa once a week for the begining parts of her life. I remember seriously waking her up, so I could snuggy with her!! Knowing that if I didn't she would be perfectly content to just sweetly sleep in her car seat for the few hours her mom was at the school. Kjari would be off playing with the older two girls so it was just me and Rissa!! She really filled a much needed baby fix!! Like ALL the little girls and the one little man, in this amazing family, her smile would melt you. The spirit felt from this family alone was always one of love and sweetness. Carissa will be sooo missed. It really never makes sense to me when things like this happen, but I do have a testimonly of our Loveing Heavenly Father's plan for us, and that includes his sweet daughter Rissa. So my heart mostly breaks for the family and for the friends who will miss out on her sweet smile and wonderful spirit!!
Our family continues to pray for you Amy and Blair, and we love and miss you too!!


Amy said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words and beautiful post. I am totally crying now. I'm so glad for the times you snuggled her. I always knew she was in loving arms with you. I'm glad for all the love she got.

Amy said...

I was just thinking about this sweet post this morning. I had to come reread it. Love you!