Feb 22, 2010

Classroom Valentines

I had fun making the kids Class Valentines this year!! With Kjellsens allergy to red dye, I decided no candy this year on the cards. (He got plenty at the party to give away!) So I found this adorible idea on the Insanity blog, (you can find link on my list of blogs, she always has fun party etc.. ideas) Anyway. I made up 5 batches of play dough and made it as red as possible, and we cut out 55 3/4 inch hearts and put them in celephane bags, and attatched little cards the kids signed!! The picture only shows the first half!! It took forever but was worth it! I was at the parties and the kids loved that they got something they could take home and play with!! It was sad that Vance, now a big middle schooler, didn't need Valentines this year!! He didn't seem to mind, but sad for me!! :) For the teachers this year, I found the cutes little fuzzy Valentines Socks!! I couldn't resist and got a pair for me too!! :)


Christina said...

I love holiday socks! i have halloween, christmas/newyears, and spring-y socks!

Nykreim said...

Me too... do you think it is an age thing..?