Mar 15, 2010

Monty's 40th Birthday Party

I thought I would post the awesome party that our friend Carrie threw for her husband Monty's bithday.  Kjell and some of there friends went and played air soft to keep him busy while we set up everything at the church building. Carrie worked for months on this party and it turned out so cute. It was a hunting/red neck theme. She had all sorts of decorations, a slide show, and tons of games, including a gunny sack type race that she used deer bags for.  Everyone came in camo or hunting clothes. It was really fun. Carrie actually cut and shaped the deer cake made from Red Velvet cake!! It turned out really cute!!

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MomladyHeather said...

What a great idea! You guys look GREAT on this blog by the way.
I hope you're coming to the reunion in July!