Mar 15, 2010

Great Job Gjori and Kjellsen!!!

This last friday, Gjori and Kjellsen participated in there school Talent show!! It was SOOO fun, and they both did so well. Kjellsen has a love and a talent for drawing. He ended up being the only one to submit art, so they actually had him do a reviel type thing as the first act. He was so cute after he revieled it he ask if anyone had any questions, but the lady didn't here him ask, so they moved on, and so his anxiety started up and he ran off the stage  and we found him in the corner of the gym crying. I felt so bad for him because he really was so excited about it and did such a good job. We finally got him to come sit down and watch the rest of the show, and with in a few minutes he was having a good time again. Gjori chose to do a magic show!! It was really awesome! He did three tricks including one where he had his principal come up. He did such a good job!! My only worry for Gjori was that he would giggle thu it and he ended up having everyone in the croud laughing and it was just really fun!!  I was so proud of both of them. After the show, Kjellsen was overwhelmed by how many people came and looked at his drawings and loved them. So many people talked to him and it really made him feel so much better. The best part is his principal ask him if it would be ok if they displayed them in the new school display cabinet for a few months. That made his day.  I think he is going to love seeing that at school today.
They also had a bake sale silent auction, so I made up 5 plates of truffles!! It was fun and I really like how they did it, I think they raised a lot of money for the school.

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