Mar 30, 2007


Just thought I would write again today while I have a second. Rodee and Sam are down at the park with Sam's primary class, flying kites, Lightning is riding bikes on the ramp they built in our driveway with our nieghbor boy, and Sophie is sleeping! It is a gorgous day out today! Just beautiful!! Joe's friend Peter made it in today. He ran with Joe to UPS, he had to drop something off. Joe and I actually got a lunch date today! My friend Holly needed me to babysit this morning and when she came back, I ran to a doctors apt that I had, and Joe called me up on my cell phone and said he was done for the day. I told him that Holly was home with the kids so he said we should go to lunch and we did! It was nice.

We are going to the Fairhurst for dinner, a group of people from our ward will be there it should be fun. Jadie and Jordanne are coming to watch the kids. I havn't thought of what I am going to do to feed them yet! I guess I better do that!

Well that little break was nice! It is conferance weekend. I guess we will be huddled around the computer again at least for Saturday! I forgot we have a donut breakfast tradition on the saturday morning of conferance I guess I need to get some tonight! I am so about the food at all events! Not good!

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shawn allen said...

We are probably doing the same for conference morning. Donuts. I need to find some good conference games for the kids.